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  1. Spartan853

    Wanting to build MC armour from halo 4 or 5

    Team, I'm new here. I've been wanting to make the jump and make an as accurate as possible halo armour from halo 4 or 5. I have a few questions. Is it worth 3d printing, doing it in foam or buying the prestige costume and modifying. I have a bit of experience with working with 3d prints as...
  2. CplYapFlip

    Soft Parts Serin Osman/Halo 4 Officer Quick Build

    Y'all remember livejournal days? because current music: Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande So the whirlwind of the secret LA event happened, and knowing we'd be flying down I didn't want to contemplate the logistics of flying with my spartan (who's still going through upgrades) so I racked my...
  3. Hoddski

    Halo 4/5 Master Chief [Pepakura and Bondo Build]

    Hey Everyone, This will be my third go at the Halo 4/5 Chief suit. I was originally going to do it with foam again but I said screw it, I'm going to push myself as much as I can. I started this back in December. I am going to a convention up in Timmins to be a celebrity guest cosplayer! First...
  4. DonutMk6

    (new to 3d printing) Can i print OBJ files?

    I thought i could only print stl files but a template i have has obj files ripped from the game, do i have to modify the files or can i just print them as is.
  5. jegatherdomnai

    halo plasma pistol templates

    here are some hd templates for the plasma pistol:
  6. M

    High Quality War Master Helmet Model Release - 3D Print Ready

    Hello everyone, It has been a very long time since I have posted anything. Over the past few years, I have received numerous requests for the War Master helmet model I made like 6 years ago. My intention was to complete my helmet build before releasing the model to the public, but that never...
  7. jegatherdomnai

    making my 6th costume! this is going to be a pain in the butt

    ok, i'm doing something I never thought I would do, I am making and entire costume from pepping, today I will be picking up some cardstock, quick question: could I use five minute epoxy to coat my pepp? i would rather not pay 30$ for a bunch of fiberglass. I'll be making a halo 4 master chief...
  8. darkangel11219

    3D Printing Custom Halo 4 Armor Help

    Hi, I would like to 3D print my own Halo 4 armor but I don't have aby 3D STL files that i found online. The models I would like is as follows: War Master Helmet Halo 4 Venator Left and Right Shoulders Halo 4 Venator Left and Right Arms Halo 4 Venator Refractive Skin Chest Halo 4 Fotus Left and...
  9. Leahfeaster

    Debuted Cortana Cosplay

    So Gundam Cortana is still in the works, but I bit the bullet and bought a Cortana jumpsuit. I debuted her at Washington State Summer Con. And I was surprised at how much a hit she was, especially with little girls. It was awesome. Still need to learn to model for her, but I’m getting there
  10. NachoPipps

    1st Build Halo 4 and infinite Master Chief build

    Hi, I am very new to foam working and this is my first big project. I am very open to criticisms and any tips or helpful advice for the future and I'll gladly share what little knowledge I have learned thus far. All pieces are made of foam and I'm using 1/2 inch thick foam mats with a smaller...
  11. Revanchist47

    Halo 4 Mark V helmet visor help

    I'm currently working on Caboose's Halo 4 armor, and I'm curious if anyone has suggestions for the helmet visor. Most of what I see are flat screens curved to fit the helmet, but I want more of the slightly domed look from the game. I would also appreciate any suggestions for coloring/tinting...
  12. MeasuringWriter

    3D-Printed Halo 4 Multiplayer Build

    Hello there! Long time lurker, checking in and finally making a build thread. For a long time, I’ve wanted to build a Spartan-IV. Now that my foam Mk.V(B) is finally showing its age and with the recent acquisition of a 3D printer, I figured its time to upgrade. The goal of this build is to...
  13. Jeffw773

    Huge 3D Model / Sound FX Archive from nearly every Halo Game (Halo CE - Halo 5)

    Hello all! This is my first time posting about this here in the forums, but I have been working on a MASSIVE passion project for the last two months, which has been to create a near complete archive of every important 3d model from each Halo game. This archive includes the 3D models and Sound...
  14. TinyTim

    Class-61 Technician Suit by C2E2 2021

    Hey all, I'm starting a soft build in hopes of losing some weight before I build an armor kit. I found the Class-61 Armor technician's in Spartan Ops and figured they'd be a nice, socially compliant model, given the times. Wiki Pages: Class-61 Technician Civilian So...
  15. StattingUp

    My First Build, My First Thread - Crafting Nostalgia

    Introduction Hello everyone, im incredibly excited to be a part of this community. My name is Doug and I go by StattingUP (Name change pending mod :cool:). I am 25 and an avid cosplayer. Based out of Pennsylvania, I frequently attend NYCC and Philly Comicons. Dragoncon was the next destination...
  16. KXtreme

    Sarah Palmer zip files help

    I have wanted to be Commander Sarah Palmer for years but never could find a costume to buy and now that I know I can build it I really want to. The problem is that I can't get any of the zip files to load. Can anyone send them to me? I saw Master Builder had them and everyone was talking about...
  17. Foxcario

    ODST/Recon Build Progress

    I hope this is the right place for me to make a thread about any of my Halo builds or progress. I'll post pictures later along the way. Recommendations, tips, or suggestions are welcome.
  18. Snowball Fight

    Snowball Fight

    Halo 4 HAZOP Winter Spartan
  19. JPEG_1495862420631_-265170323.jpg


    Halo 4 HAZOP
  20. The Makyr

    Master Chief Halo 4/5 2019

    Been working on this suit for 4 years. I’ve had 7 remakes of the torso, thighs, and shins due to my growing frame and was busy from high school. Now I can safely say my suit is nearing an end of its build, I haven’t posted a thread in a while. So I made sure to get as much progress done before I...
  21. Sentinel332

    SPARTAN-501 "Jordan" Build

    Hello everyone and welcome to the start of my journey. What journey you ask? The journey of making my first ever Spartan Suit out of EVA Foam. Not my first foam project so i have quite a bit of experience working with foam. Just got done with adjusting the individual armor pieces to my size and...
  22. W

    New Build [Halo 4 Recon Helmet]

    Hi all, It has been a while (about three years) since my last post. This summer a couple of friends and I wanted a few projects to work on. We're all Halo fans and also studying engineering and computer science so we decided to make a Halo helmet loaded with a series of cool electronic...
  23. Adam

    Video Documentation of Working on Evakura H4 Kit

    I'm firing up the channel again, and I'll be documenting how I'll be putting together the Evakura Halo 4 Chief kit. Helmet has arrived and I'm beefing it up a bit as a first step.
  24. Double

    requesting a little help for a noob

    hello fellow 405th members, my name is Double, but you may call me snEEko. i have been a avid halo player for many years and this year ive decided to make not one but all 3 halo suits i absolutely love Via Rvb. now due to some of my Local 405th brothers i have learnt a many things but there is...
  25. Sean Anwalt

    Sean Anwalt's Halo 4/5 Master Chief build

    Well my Buzz Lightyear build is on hold unfortunately. But I'm not being idle! I have set a goal for myself to build a Halo 4/ Halo 5 master chief out of foam. I want to build it to look amazing like LongShot X and ExCeLLuR8 suits. But this stupid suit is crazy hard for me. The files in the...