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  1. SilentHunter 14

    SPARTAN-501 "Jordan" Build

    Hello everyone and welcome to the start of my journey. What journey you ask? The journey of making my first ever Spartan Suit out of EVA Foam. Not my first foam project so i have quite a bit of experience working with foam. Just got done with adjusting the individual armor pieces to my size and...
  2. W

    New Build [Halo 4 Recon Helmet]

    Hi all, It has been a while (about three years) since my last post. This summer a couple of friends and I wanted a few projects to work on. We're all Halo fans and also studying engineering and computer science so we decided to make a Halo helmet loaded with a series of cool electronic...
  3. Adam

    Video Documentation of Working on Evakura H4 Kit

    I'm firing up the channel again, and I'll be documenting how I'll be putting together the Evakura Halo 4 Chief kit. Helmet has arrived and I'm beefing it up a bit as a first step.
  4. Double

    requesting a little help for a noob

    hello fellow 405th members, my name is Double, but you may call me snEEko. i have been a avid halo player for many years and this year ive decided to make not one but all 3 halo suits i absolutely love Via Rvb. now due to some of my Local 405th brothers i have learnt a many things but there is...
  5. Sean Anwalt

    Sean Anwalt's Halo 4/5 Master Chief build

    Well my Buzz Lightyear build is on hold unfortunately. But I'm not being idle! I have set a goal for myself to build a Halo 4/ Halo 5 master chief out of foam. I want to build it to look amazing like LongShot X and ExCeLLuR8 suits. But this stupid suit is crazy hard for me. The files in the...
  6. Halo 4 HAZOP

    Halo 4 HAZOP

  7. Halo 4 HAZOP

    Halo 4 HAZOP

  8. Halo 4 HAZOP

    Halo 4 HAZOP

  9. CollinMcCaf

    Remodeling 343 assets in the "Classic Halo" art style

    Something I'm planning on doing this upcoming year is remodeling the Halo 4 Recon helmet using the "Classic Halo" art style. I've spent the last year or so trying to break down what makes Halo, Halo. This picture is a bit off from where I'd like the model to be (The breathers protrude too far...
  10. S

    HALO: Forward Unto Dawn

    So with a new game soon, my son and I are going with a buddy at the firehouses kids to trick or treat. I want to do the armor from the the HALO 4 movie. I have seen discussions that say it's a Mark IV but not everything matches. I think it's also on the cover of the Legends movie? Anyway I can't...
  11. CPO mendez

    Props "I Need A Weapon" - CnC Props For Mold Making and Casting [VOTE INSIDE]

    Hello 405th! i'm back with another prop project for y'all! this one will have more community involvement, more pictures, and more advanced tech! So, to start, this entire project came around because my University (previously featured in my 3D Printed Props thread) gave me access to this A B S...
  12. U

    Halo 4 Hayabusa Helmet Model [Need Help Unfolding]

    I finally isolated the helmet from the full body model of the halo 4 hayabusa armor by Art Andrews ill provide a link to the forum below. I need help unfolding it though, could anyone with experience help? Isolated Helmet: halo-4-hayabusa-helmet - Download - 4shared - Cedric Miller Art Andrews...
  13. GeneralMayhem

    Halo 4 Cortana model for 3D Printing

    I'm planning a 3D printing project using Cortana as a gift for someone, and I've managed to get an export of the game model to use for reference. The problem is, the game model is fairly low-poly, and will not print well. Does anyone have a higher poly version of the model, preferably with...
  14. HeroMinerR5

    Halo 4 Master Chief foam armor

    I am going to build this because in Arkansas it is to cold to fiberglass. So I am going to use foam. Right now I am just scale the armor piece so I can fit it correctly without piece being to big.
  15. C

    Props Halo 4/5 Light Rifle Pepakura files?

    Does anyone know where I can find Pep files for a Halo 4 or 5 Forerunner Light Rifle? Trying to make a weapon to go with my first armor build and I thought it would be an interesting choice.
  16. M

    mmd 3d Halo 4 & 5 playermodels

    hey guys so I just started converting some halo 3d models to mmd like master chief, vale the heiloskrill armor and a lot more but my problem is that I don't know how to rig the models for mmd. So here is the deal if you can rig the model for mmd its yours provided you send me a copy of your...
  17. OTSDerpy


    Friends! Cohorts! I have good news, I have begun process of the "MK II." So far I have completed the torso piece of a file from vidofnir234 on the Halo 4 pack. My process so far. Pepakura has been very helpful than the last build, though that doesn't mean I wont use the same techniques from time...
  18. CarterBuilder12

    Carterbuilder12's weapon models for 3d printing

    Hello! I'm starting this thread for the weapons I make 3d printeble. So here is the first that I made in a day. Link: Halo 4 & 5 combat knife.zip
  19. N

    Halo 4 XV-27 shifting forearm foam unfold

    I'm looking if anyone can unfold the XV-27 shifting forearm for me so I can make it out of foam. If anyone can help, it would be great! Thanks.
  20. Sierra 107

    Halo 5 - Master Chief Petty Officer John-117

    Hello all! I should have started the thread back when I started this build, but alas, I didn't. Firstly, a huge thanks to whereisdanielle and thatdamnjodie for helping me get this far. Without them, it's likely that I would have gained no traction on building in such a short time span. And with...
  21. Demogorgon

    FINISHED - Halo 4 Prefect Build [FOAM]

    Build Completed! Original Post It's been a while but it's so good to be back and making armor again. I'm finally getting around to building my Prefect Armor. As I wait for some supplies to get delivered to start building my armor, I decided to start off with the weapons. I found these...
  22. CPO mendez

    Props Mendez's 3D Printed Halo Guns!

    Heyo 405th! so, i have a thread over in the 3D modeling section where i'm basically just systematically going through and bringing every single gun from every single halo game into the 3D printing realm! now, obviously, i'm gonna make some of em! i've actually been working on and off for a...
  23. VanessaSelden

    Trouble making PDF

    So I got a file for H4 Scout Helmet by Master B and I followed all the instructions on how to convert the PDO into a PDF file and yet it's still the text. I followed the instructions to the letter so if someone could help me out here, that would be absolutely lovely.
  24. mblackwell1002

    FFA series number 11: Scattershot -coalminer series

    Hey, Spartans, ODST's and marines, and MasterPrinterTheWise! it's about time for yet another 3D model! this one is a reconstructed in-game resource, detailed and designed by me. I volunteered to model this for Spartan55 for a project of his awhile back, and now it's ready for public...
  25. mblackwell1002

    what's your favorite piece of Halo concept art?

    Hi, guys! forum game time! seriousness, with some goofiness in this one... what's your favorite official Halo concept art, and why? I ask because StayFrosty and I were talking about posters and how awesome concept art would be on a poster. afterward I thought I'd love to hear what you guys and...