1. A

    Urgent: Commission Stolen/Lost in Transit

    Hello 405th, I was recommended to post my situation on here for everyone to help keep a look out of my first commission I ordered. Always been a Halo fan and to own a suit that fits me was a dream. I pulled the trigger 4 months ago with a very reputable company that paved the way to my...
  2. BigFred

    First Time Halo Infinite Mjolnir Mark VII Build

    Hello SPARTANS, ODST & COVENANTS! This is a thread where I'll be posting my progress build of the Halo Infinite Mjolnir Mark VII! I got the pattern from the 405th Forums. To scale my body and head to the files I used the HaloGoddess thread which I'll link down below as well. Here are the links...
  3. ItSpartan116

    Project Hyper V2 WIP and Bi-Weekly Update

    This is my second version of my fully 3D printed MK6 Spartan Armor from Halo 3. The first version was a failure do to Covid-19 so I am remaking and updating design on the second version. I am going to do bi-weekly update.
  4. TheRealVictor

    Making a Halo Infinite Skewer 2021

    Hey everyone! It has been a while since I posted here, my apologies. I hope you are all safe & well. Rest assured, my creative endeavors never stop. That being said, I had the pleasure of playing Halo Infinite (on my OG Xbox 1) and it was a great experience. Now comes a grand challenge: make a...
  5. HaloReach1827

    Best method of helmet and armor making (halo reach)

    Pepakura, 3D printing, Eva foam, which one gets the best details and looks?
  6. TylerBH2014

    For Sale Halo Reach Magnum

    This is a Halo Reach Magnum made of foam. It has a movable slide and a removable mag. It's for sale on Etsy for those of you that wish to buy it.
  7. ItSpartan116

    Halo Infinite Spartan IV (Road to Infinite) WIP

    Date:07/18/2021 I have been planning to make a full suit of MK7 for Halo Infinite but after watching E3 and the multiplayer overview. I have got an idea to mix and match my armor pieces with Gen 3 MK7, Gen 3 MK6, and Halo Reach MKV(B) armor type but when more Halo Infinite armor pieces become...
  8. TheRealVictor

    Nerf Halo MA40- Repaint

    Hey everyone! I wanted to share my recent 1-Day project, a repaint of the Nerf Halo Assault Rifle! I'm working on the tutorial video for my youtube page but I wanted to share the results with you all. Feel free to ask any questions! The basic process was: disassembly, grey primer, black/ silver...
  9. Spiderboy196

    Halo Infinite MK7 ODST/Security

    This is just a place holder im doing since seeing the new halo infinite multiplayer demo today with 405th members. Since we still waiting on a guide and more info of the different armor pieces, i would like to start planning ahead with a halo infinite odst(potential security) when build.
  10. mardJaderp

    Pepakura H:R MJOLNIR Cosplay

    I really want the ODST cosplay (Pepakura - H2A ODST Cosplay) to come to fruition, but its going to take awhile to set up all the files. As a backup plan, I shall work on a set of MJOLNIR armor from Reach. Luckily, unlike the ODST armor, there are files for all the pieces within 405th and out. So...
  11. mardJaderp

    Pepakura H2A ODST Cosplay

    I've known about 405th for awhile, but it wasn't until now I decided to scroll through the threads. Recently I've gotten into the ODSTs more than the Spartans, but I more specifically gotten into the Halo 2 (Anniversary) ODSTs. For some reason, I find them a bit more appealing than the Halo 3...
  12. Kabelbinder

    Halo MJOLNIR Mark V helmet next steps

    Hi! This helmet is my second attempt and Im finally satisfied with the result. Now I’m quite lost and don’t know what to do now to harden it. What do I have to do now and is the helmet looking ok?
  13. LD Industries

    Weapons Templates.

    Hello everybody, my name is Leo, i design Templates of weapons of Video Games, i from 405th Regiment of Mexico. Hola a todos, mi nombre es Leo, diseño plantillas de Armas de Videojuegos, soy del 405th Regimiento del México. The weapons that will be available at the moment are the Halo Saga...
  14. Cam4kstudios

    Halo 2A/HW2 Marine Cosplay build

    Heyo back with another project here on the 405th. Some of you may recognize me from an earlier project where I was making a black dagger ODST entirely out of cardboard. Was super proud of that but I ended up not finishing it because our crew decided to change the theme of our short film project...
  15. bishopmilitaria

    Trying to create a 3d printed Covenant Elite

    Good day all, I am new here and I am looking to become one of the bad guys, a covenant elite of any sort. I have access to people with 3d printers. Does anyone know where I can find files? I have searched on google to no avail. Kind Regards from down under, Ben Bishop
  16. Cam4kstudios

    What have I gotten myself into now.... Making an ODST (for film project at my school)

    Okay So never made a prop costume of any kind, deciding to just roll with it. I'm in Texas so I have been without power for like a week now (the power block rolling is a lie, for me at least :c ) so I decided to do something to keep me busy and moving since everything is shut down. I don't know...
  17. Jeffw773

    Huge 3D Model / Sound FX Archive from nearly every Halo Game (Halo CE - Halo 5)

    Hello all! This is my first time posting about this here in the forums, but I have been working on a MASSIVE passion project for the last two months, which has been to create a near complete archive of every important 3d model from each Halo game. This archive includes the 3D models and Sound...
  18. ODCA

    ODCA's foam unfolds (and unfold requests)

    Hello 405th! Recently I've been unfolding a lot of pepakura files for foam and learning a lot of neat tricks with the program And I wanted to give back to the community that has done so much for me So I'm making this thread to post the unfolds I make and I'll also be taking unfold requests for...
  19. Mysticporo

    First Reach Spartan Build (An Adventure into Cosplay)

    Hello Again, So last year I joined the forums alongside the Discord server and was very enthralled with everyone else’s builds that I decided to start making plans for my own, whilst creating a 3D Model of it since I’m more familiar with digital space, however as 2020 ran out of time it became...
  20. ODST Right Shoulder

    ODST Right Shoulder

    Here is the ODST Right Shoulder. As you see I may have gotten a little creative with its design on making some form of Elite Hunting ODST Unit. If you go back to the Thigh guard there you can see a Kill Count of Elites just for fun.
  21. B

    Reach Boots???

    I've been having a hard time finding pepakura files that I like for the halo reach boots. I am currently using the standard version found in the armory. I would really appreciate any help I could get.
  22. Mysticporo

    Just a thought on how to make an easier to get out of Halo chest piece.

    Just had a thought about how to make an easier to get out of cosplay Halo chest piece, so from my understanding people build cosplay to the standard of close to realism surely this leads to the issue of well how do you get out of the dang thing once it’s on. what if instead of trying to squeeze...
  23. PA Cosplay

    Props Halo Reach Needle rifle (3d Printed)

    Now that I've gotten my Br-55 done, its time to move onto the next project. I've been printing this for a good week and a half so far but I still got quite a bit to print to go. The file is on thingerverse by OddWorks, I'm printing at 130% size to make it feel like something only an elite could...
  24. Entity

    Halo 3 ODST Engineer sound files

    I've been looking everywhere for the sound files of the halo 3 engineers so I can begin working on a sort of voice recognition software that is Virgil/Huragok themed however all my attempts at finding them are cold trailed so does anyone have access to the files that can send them on this? I'm...
  25. ODSTWolf1013

    First Build/New to Cosplay: Into Hell

    Good morning 405th, This is long overdue as I have been working diligently on my build. I will make sure I do a more formal and informative introduction in the Introduction thread, but my name is Matt and I am posting up my very first build in cosplay ever. Humongous shout out to...