1. Alpha

    Props Halo 2 Anniversary BR55

    Oh hey there everybody...long time no see? Once we finished The Answer we decided to tackle something a bit more...manageable. A kind of light weight, "I need a break from all my power weapons" kind of gun. Enter the Halo 2 Anniversary BR55. So first things first. We pulled the game asset...
  2. Skullboy134

    Halo Wars Mark IV Armor

    Hello! It’s been quite a long time since I’ve built a halo armor set; I think the last one was back in high school or something. If I remember correctly it was a cardboard ODST build. Anyway, I’m about to wrap up my first year in college, specifically doing traditional and Digital art for...
  3. Sp00kyN1njas

    Halo 3 Armor Build

    Pepped Pieces: 1 Chestpiece 2 Biceps 2 Gauntlets 1 Codpiece 2 Thighs 2 Shins 2 Boots Remaining Pieces: Helmet Recon Chest Attachment 2 Handplates Resined Pieces: All except Helmet, chest and handplates Hello! It’s been a long time since I made any builds, aside from an old Artorias build...
  4. R

    28mm Halo battlefield

    Hey all, new to the site, this is my first post. In addition to making my own armor, which I see there's a lot of information on here, I'm looking to make some 28mm scale miniatures for my weekly table top games. I'm also just starting out in 3d printing (just got my first printer!). Does...
  5. U

    Halo 4 Hayabusa Helmet Model [Need Help Unfolding]

    I finally isolated the helmet from the full body model of the halo 4 hayabusa armor by Art Andrews ill provide a link to the forum below. I need help unfolding it though, could anyone with experience help? Isolated Helmet: halo-4-hayabusa-helmet - Download - 4shared - Cedric Miller Art Andrews...
  6. Saya

    Introduce yourself by Saya

    Hey guys I am Saya - or Paulina and I am 20 years old. I am from North-Rhine-Westphalia. I met some of you 405th guys at Film- and ComicCon Karlsruhe last november. And since then I wanted to make a halo armor myself and well I did - it took nearly two weeks to finish my very first work with...
  7. Alpha

    Props The Answer to all your problems

    So I realized I posted the original thread in the wrong section (sorry guys). So take 2. So, I have a problem with taking on too many projects. With the Hydra MK II in the works, commissions, and another personal armor set. I seem to have fallen down the rabbit hole of another project...
  8. TheCostumeGeek

    Soft Parts Dr. Catherine Halsey [Fall of Reach]

    Hello everyone. It has been a while since I presented my first HALo based Costume to the 405th Community (Just another ODST or Feet first into Halo Costuming) but today I want to show you my side Project. The idea was, to have a fitting costume to wear when I'm not in the mood for Armor. So...
  9. Alpha

    Teishin Helmet

    Recently commissioned by a customer to make a Halo 5 Teishin helmet. Only our second time printing a helmet so extremely excited to jump into the challenge again! For this one we took a bunch of lessons that we learned from building the Recluse armor to make it much better for the customer...
  10. Alpha

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    Posting error, admins please delete
  11. MFStudios

    Why are there no Brute pepakura files

    I've been in dire search for halo 3 Brute pepakura files and have found none.. are there any out there?! Hello!!!!!! Are you there? Ha, guess not. Ok, so I've been really wanting the Brute stalker helmet, but there is a pep file for the elite head which I need as well but can't find.. HELP! Is...
  12. MFStudios

    Are all pep files usable for foam? Or do I need certain files?

    I've been battling with pepakura for a few years coming now. And I always played with the idea of doing the foam versions of the suit. However I need to know! Do I have to have foam versions of the same files I use to make the suit via paper? Or can I just use the same files I already have and...
  13. akiraDNA

    finished my halo custom helmet 2017-2018 / casco halo personalizado

    Hi friends, I'm new to posting here but, maybe someone would like to see my work in this project I am latinomaericano so if I'm wrong I apologize I hope you appreciate it, enjoy and learn tips like me doing it I hope not to publish where it was not .. lol Any questions I will try to answer...
  14. NZ Ethan

    Halo Wars 2 Leon 011 Concept art build

    I haven't posted on 405th in quite some time. Hello everyone! Some of you may have followed my older builds and some of you may have never seen my work... I have just recently completed a Leon 011 build based on concept art from Halo Wars 2. Here I will share the full build process along with...
  15. J

    Measuring Centurion Helmet

    I was recently about to start up a project on a Centurion helmet and I was doing some measurements (My first time doing this) and I measured my head with a straight ruler and I got about 10 inches roughly, I wasn't sure if this would be right and so I plugged my number 10 inches + 1 for a total...
  16. Gizinski117

    3d suit journey (start) custom armor set

    just bought a 3d printer should be here by the end of the week :). but when I look at some of the armor 3d files like the halo 5 ones it has the full suit. I was wondering how to print out one part and delete the others so that I can size the suit of piece by piece, so there the proper size. and...
  17. T

    Cardboard armor?

    Can you make a suit of armor from cardboard, and if so are there templates for cardboard armor?
  18. J

    Builders recommendations Master Chief

    Hi new member here looking for recommendations on finding builders for a complete Master Chief costume preferably from Halo 4 and 5. I'm not much of a builder and currently do not have the space for it. I discovered this suit wearable master chief suit But not entirely sold on it due to...
  19. Artifice

    Artifice Helmet Build's

    Hey Everyone, As the title says, this thread will be an all helmet thread! I've been building helmets for a few years now. But I've only got to the point where I finish the paper craft model. Until now! With the help of a few friends in the movie industry I'm now well on my way to COMPLETING my...
  20. Deviss

    Beginning ODST armour build (Helmet).

    So I've started my first ODST armour build, luckily my background is in Industrial design so shouldn't be too much of an undertaking. Im using the Rookie file by Rundown as a base for my build.
  21. Manu

    Thinner EVA Foam mats ?

    So i have to build some parts for my armor (helmet, forearm, shoulder, bicep) again since they don`t fit me anymore. I bought new foam mats recently and they are around 3-4 mm`s thinner than the ones i used previously. Now i just wanted to ask if its a problem if the mats are a bit thinner or if...
  22. Affe5

    Please Help

    Hello, will this (https://www.amazon.de/casa-Yogamatte-schadstofffrei-hautfreundlicher-EVA-Schaum/dp/B01894IAL4/ref=pd_cart_vw_2_3?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01894IAL4&pd_rd_r=0EV0NZ8YQNK0CD8Z8GAH&pd_rd_w=feVyZ&pd_rd_wg=8WaCp&psc=1&refRID=0EV0NZ8YQNK0CD8Z8GAH) work as material for this project?
  23. Asgardianhammer

    Halo Reach EOD Helmet WIP

    This was for my Halo Reach Helmet project. This has multiple people involved and i was happy to mastermind its creation! Thanks to nintendstroid for the 3d modeling, Midnight Oil Props for the print, and Johnson Arms for the Signature White paint job for my show piece. All was molded and cast by...
  24. alorix

    Elite Cosplay.

    It never seems like there are many Elite costumes so I wanted to try to make one. I tried to do a Minor but the helmet didn't turn out well. I have the digi leg stils and some practice with helmets. I'm wondering if anyone happens to have halo 4/5 Zealot armor?
  25. M

    mmd 3d Halo 4 & 5 playermodels

    hey guys so I just started converting some halo 3d models to mmd like master chief, vale the heiloskrill armor and a lot more but my problem is that I don't know how to rig the models for mmd. So here is the deal if you can rig the model for mmd its yours provided you send me a copy of your...