1. Artifice

    Artifice Helmet Build's

    Hey Everyone, As the title says, this thread will be an all helmet thread! I've been building helmets for a few years now. But I've only got to the point where I finish the paper craft model. Until now! With the help of a few friends in the movie industry I'm now well on my way to COMPLETING my...
  2. Deviss

    Beginning ODST armour build (Helmet).

    So I've started my first ODST armour build, luckily my background is in Industrial design so shouldn't be too much of an undertaking. Im using the Rookie file by Rundown as a base for my build.
  3. Manu

    Thinner EVA Foam mats ?

    So i have to build some parts for my armor (helmet, forearm, shoulder, bicep) again since they don`t fit me anymore. I bought new foam mats recently and they are around 3-4 mm`s thinner than the ones i used previously. Now i just wanted to ask if its a problem if the mats are a bit thinner or if...
  4. Affe5

    Please Help

    Hello, will this (https://www.amazon.de/casa-Yogamatte-schadstofffrei-hautfreundlicher-EVA-Schaum/dp/B01894IAL4/ref=pd_cart_vw_2_3?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01894IAL4&pd_rd_r=0EV0NZ8YQNK0CD8Z8GAH&pd_rd_w=feVyZ&pd_rd_wg=8WaCp&psc=1&refRID=0EV0NZ8YQNK0CD8Z8GAH) work as material for this project?
  5. Asgardianhammer

    Halo Reach EOD Helmet WIP

    This was for my Halo Reach Helmet project. This has multiple people involved and i was happy to mastermind its creation! Thanks to nintendstroid for the 3d modeling, Midnight Oil Props for the print, and Johnson Arms for the Signature White paint job for my show piece. All was molded and cast by...
  6. alorix

    Elite Cosplay.

    It never seems like there are many Elite costumes so I wanted to try to make one. I tried to do a Minor but the helmet didn't turn out well. I have the digi leg stils and some practice with helmets. I'm wondering if anyone happens to have halo 4/5 Zealot armor?
  7. M

    mmd 3d Halo 4 & 5 playermodels

    hey guys so I just started converting some halo 3d models to mmd like master chief, vale the heiloskrill armor and a lot more but my problem is that I don't know how to rig the models for mmd. So here is the deal if you can rig the model for mmd its yours provided you send me a copy of your...
  8. 16865017_10211388319765624_7705883175374026288_n


    Code Name: Alaska Armature variant: ODST mark SV Assignment: Freelance Project Status: MIA Real name: Evan Edward
  9. CarterBuilder12

    Carterbuilder12's weapon models for 3d printing

    Hello! I'm starting this thread for the weapons I make 3d printeble. So here is the first that I made in a day. Link: Halo 4 & 5 combat knife.zip
  10. B

    Grenaider Helmet

    I need help finding a template for the grenaider/jorge helmet from halo reach. If anyone knows a template can you please link it to me.
  11. Spartan Primer

    How do I put it on? I need help!

    Hello everyone. My name is Ethan and I am building a spartan suit for the first time. I have run into the problem of "securing" The armor onto me. I was thinking of using buckles, but I don't know if i could hide them, and if I didn't hide them it might not look nice. Any help and/or suggestions...
  12. Zero Prime

    Halo 5 Weapon Models

    Hello all. So recently I have been wanting to make some of the Halo 5 Weapons, however I noticed that all of the models vanished with the site move. So I started looking around and learning, and I have been able to pull the weapon assets from H5: Forge. Now I have to give credit where credit is...
  13. Shiroppi

    [WIP] Yet another ODST armor - foam

    I made a batch last year and sold all including mine before i could get a proper photoshoot or any decent picture for it . so here we go again ! This time, armor will be almost the same but with with some minor changes to the first version. Material used are mixed of 3mm and 5mm foam. The helmet...
  14. IronWolf

    Props Ma37 Assault rifle/M6G Magnum Showcase

    A little showcase of my work. Mostly made of ply wood and body filler for smoothening along with some PVC piping. Some minor touch ups are still in process this what i got so far. Hope you all enjoy.
  15. Cassius118

    WIP My first build.

    Hi there! Welcome to my first build. MJOLNIR HUNTER Prototype. This is my favorite armor till this day, and i want to build it for halloween and some other events. As i finished the helmet, i've noticed it wasn't scaled, so i need to build another one, thus i'm starting with other armor parts...
  16. Gizinski117

    Odst helmet

    was wondering if any one could help me with a visor I looked at vacuum forming and i sure you need a machine to do that. What is another way i could make a visor
  17. Gizinski117

    Odst helmet

    was wondering if any one has a helmet that would fit ODST Helmet since i halo agreat set of armor just keep making the helmet with imperfections big enough to be noticeable. I am willing to pay for it wanted it to be able to fit my head size: height 407 mm. Dont want it painted or anything just...
  18. TheSafariMan

    Props Halo Boomco Brute Spikers!

    Hey everyone! Painted up some more Brute Spikers, got them for 6 dollars a piece during an Amazon Prime sale! Anyway, just wanted to share them with you. :)
  19. Gizinski117

    costume fitting

    So I am about 6'3" and was wondering if I should do a master chief or a ODST costume, and what template would fit me since I am tall. I very new to this and would like to know the best way to make a suit that would fit me and it I should print templates off or go off of what looks best on me...
  20. JonteBoi

    JonteBoi's Second Halo: Reach Spartan Costume

    Hello guys and gals, bois and baes. About a month ago I finished my first ever Halo costume, which was also my first serious EVA foam project. I've now decided to start building a new costume , because I want to improve my foam skills! I've decided to make another Halo: Reach costume, but with...
  21. electricknite

    Reach: Noble Team Build (JUN in progress)

    (Reserved for finished pics) In depth tutorial for undersuit on page 9
  22. TOWLBiscuits

    Halo Reach Mjolnir Mk V - foam build

    Hey all, It's been awhile scene I've posted any of my work so I may as well get a new thread going. This time I'm jumping on the trend of NSW Aussies building Reach armour and once again I'm aiming for Supanova in June. So far I've got the legs and arms done. I'm planning on using...
  23. LynxTheAssassin

    How to make Emile's helmet decal???

    I have been searching all over on how to make the skull decal on Emile's helmet from halo reach, and so i came on here to ask for some help on how to make it or if somebody knows where i can buy one that would be great too!!!! Thanks!!!!
  24. JonteBoi

    JonteBoi's Noble 6 from Halo: Reach!

    Hi everyone! Thought i'd share with you my noble 6 build that i just finished! This is my first serious cosplay build ever. I've done some small stuff before, an Iron Man helmet, a Captain America shield and a Boba Fett helmet, but never anything in this scale. Here's a shitty pic of my Noble 6...
  25. Ronin Armory

    Halo 5 Guardian Spartan Locke Build

    Hello everyone, I'm from Singapore and this is my first ever Halo costume I'm making. This costume has been in the works since mid Jan 2017 and was completed on 31st March 2017. There was a lot of issue building it from scratch as I could not find any foam pepakura files, so basically I free...