halo 4/5

  1. StevenChurchill

    1st Build 3D printed Halo 5 Master Chief build

    Hey yall! I've been lurking the forums for the past few years now, but now I'm finally making my official first build/update post. I have actually started building the armor like a year and a half ago, so this will just be for sharing updates with you guys. I post story updates often on my...
  2. Hoddski

    Halo 4/5 Master Chief Foam Build

    This will be my third time making this suit again, I made this suit about 5 years ago for Fan Expo Toronto, I was supposed to be a cosplay guest for Timmins Comic-con back in April 2020 with my friend Mike Wojtas. Obviously Covid said no to that so it was rescheduled to April 2022, went to try...
  3. sax092

    Halo Mark VI master chief Armour Build (starting up)

    now I made a costume of what I thought master chief should look like in the halo game after halo infinite but, I haven't made halo 4/5 master chief so anyway, I decided to make it
  4. Hibiki

    Newbie armor build

    Hello peoples, over this Holiday Break and quarantine ive decided to finally do something with my life. I have finally decided to stop drooling over everyones amazing halo cosplays and make my own!!! Considering this is my first full body armor build I am pretty proud of the way it is turning...
  5. TinyTim

    Class-61 Technician Suit by C2E2 2021

    Hey all, I'm starting a soft build in hopes of losing some weight before I build an armor kit. I found the Class-61 Armor technician's in Spartan Ops and figured they'd be a nice, socially compliant model, given the times. Wiki Pages: Class-61 Technician Civilian So...
  6. Arak462q

    sangheli base body 3d models (armorless)

    So after a while of searching, downloading and watching tons of tutorials, I finally managed to get the 3d models for the sangheili base body, both versions H2A and H4/H5, little differences between them, I import them from the steam workshop sfm files to blender, and then I export them to obj...
  7. A

    Halo 4/5 elite head with Halo Reach field marshal helmet (pics)

    So this isn't the first build I've ever done, actually far from it haha. But I finally made this account just to learn more from all of you. And I'd say I'm okay at best. Any tips and tricks you guys have to offer will always be greatly appreciated. Don't really know what else to say haha so...
  8. Meet Fireteam Nordic. (Närcon 2018)

    Meet Fireteam Nordic. (Närcon 2018)

    I had the pleasure to meet my fireteam at närcon sommar 2018!
  9. Meet Fireteam Nordic. (Närcon 2018)

    Meet Fireteam Nordic. (Närcon 2018)

    I had the pleasure to meet my fireteam at närcon sommar 2018!
  10. Meet Fireteam Nordic. (Närcon 2018)

    Meet Fireteam Nordic. (Närcon 2018)

    I had the pleasure to meet my fireteam at närcon sommar 2018!
  11. Fireteam Nordic at Närcon Sommar 2018

    Fireteam Nordic at Närcon Sommar 2018

    (At the main Stage at Närcon) I had the pleasure to meet my fireteam at närcon sommar 2018!
  12. MoeSizzlac

    Halo 4/5 Energy Sword with Working Soundboard and LED's - WIP

    Hello all, I'm trying to make a decent electronic sound and light Halo 4/5 energy sword using TheRaptorClaw's Halo: Type-1 Energy Sword Handle. Most of this I'm making from leftover parts of other projects. I'm using a 27mm Speaker a 3.7v rechargeable battery a Nano Biscotte Sound Module...
  13. RagtagVenom

    Armor Suggestions

    Hey there, I’m trying to pool some Suggestions together for some much needed Updates to my suit. Basically the only parts I’m absolutely happy with are my Helmet, my Torso, and my boots; everything else was done in a hurry to get Con-Ready and are basically just thrown together. My question is...
  14. D

    Foam Build Assistance Request

    Howdy y'all, Im am trying to build a set of scout armor from halo 4/5. I have already gotten the peppakura file for halo 4, however it has taken a crap load of time just to glue the assets for the chest piece together. Unfortunately I don't have that much free time to do this. I heard it was...
  15. CarterBuilder12

    Carterbuilder12's weapon models for 3d printing

    Hello! I'm starting this thread for the weapons I make 3d printeble. So here is the first that I made in a day. Link: Halo 4 & 5 combat knife.zip
  16. mblackwell1002

    ULTIMATE John 117 3D print build log - mblackwell1002's MkVII Chief reboot

    This is my attempt at making Chief's armor from Halo 5. I have made a lot of progress since I started this project, and I have learned a lot since as well. Lately I have been painting these guys up and displaying the true beauty of them by using high-quality paints and lots of sanding. Anyway...
  17. Jetskigunner

    Halo 4/CEA Amalgam build

    I never really do build threads, mostly because me and forums usually don't mix. But since I'll be doing a pretty sizable build in a little while I figured I'd branch out a bit and better document the process. I'll be building an amalgamation of the Halo 4 Mark VI and the Halo 4/CEA Mark V. My...
  18. CPO mendez

    Props Mendez's 3D Printed Halo Guns!

    Heyo 405th! so, i have a thread over in the 3D modeling section where i'm basically just systematically going through and bringing every single gun from every single halo game into the 3D printing realm! now, obviously, i'm gonna make some of em! i've actually been working on and off for a...
  19. The Makyr


    So what's up guys, been here for some time but I haven't really been posting anything. So this is my first thread and I'll be sharing my build on the master chief from halo 4/5. I've actually been working on this for some time so I have learned A LOT about proportions/scaling, body types...