halo 5

  1. Ean Evans

    Halo 5 Snipers Foam

    These are my two Halo 5 snipers built using Andrew DFTs templates. These were built over a year ago. These guys have working mags also! They are very much not my best, however, I still wanted to show you everything!
  2. AldaDino096

    Texture, and thx to all

    Good afternoon to all everyone, I write from Spain. I open this post because I wanted to ask a favor, I've been here for a while, but recently I have been `` active '' again, A couple of weeks ago I downloaded the model of [Halo 5: Guardians - MJOLNIR GEN2 - Warrior 1.0] The model in general is...
  3. MasterChief7117

    Master Chief Halo 4/5 2019

    Been working on this suit for 4 years. I’ve had 7 remakes of the torso, thighs, and shins due to my growing frame and was busy from high school. Now I can safely say my suit is nearing an end of its build, I haven’t posted a thread in a while. So I made sure to get as much progress done before I...
  4. Z

    Anyone able to get Halo 5 cinder helmet and halo 5 hellcat helmet?

    I'm just curious if anyone is up for the task. I don't need the textures. But if you're able to give me the base model it'll be greatly appreciated!
  5. keireigoto

    Help with the Anubis Armor colors with the legs??

    Does anyone have the Anubis armor in their game and could help me out by sending me a couple of pics of it?? I'm gonna be cosplaying my PTD8-OCELES Spartan with the Anubis armor with my usual colors of Khaki as my primary and teal as my secondary. I can set up halowaypoint to where it previews...
  6. MoeSizzlac

    Halo 5 - M6H2T Tactical Magnum Add On

    This was a remix of Blackace936's Gunfighter Magnum (an awesome model). I took that gun along with game assets made available by 405th's Chernobyl and we finally have a printable tactical magnum from Halo 5. The game assets was taken from Halo 5: Guardians - UNSC Weapons Enjoy...
  7. Nox Umbra

    Raijin Helmet

    Starting work on my Raijin Helmet today. The design for the helmet is from BMP props.
  8. S

    Helmet Visor Textures

    Howdy all, Maybe I'm dumb or I just couldn't find the right thread, but I haven't found any way to get the visor textures for the Halo 5 Guardian armors. I import the helmet into blender and can drag and drop the regular textures onto the helmet, but there are no visor textures in the file...
  9. Rinzlerr

    Halo 5 Centurion foam build [and possibly 3d printed]

    okay guess this is a first time build thread. been slowly working on this the last few months forming the chestpiece more revisions and test fitting more details reference material camera puns aside shooting for T3 with this build
  10. Alexb240303

    Making a Helljumper Helmet and Need help on the Visor

    Hey, I'm pretty new to this site and stumbled upon it while researching good Halo props and stuff. I am making a Helljumper Helmet (basically an ODST helmet for Spartans). I am 3D printing the base of the helmet, and I am not sure what to do for the visor. I have some high-quality sheets of...
  11. CollinMcCaf

    Remodeling 343 assets in the "Classic Halo" art style

    Something I'm planning on doing this upcoming year is remodeling the Halo 4 Recon helmet using the "Classic Halo" art style. I've spent the last year or so trying to break down what makes Halo, Halo. This picture is a bit off from where I'd like the model to be (The breathers protrude too far...
  12. Odwalla

    Hi I'm new please help

    Hello I am new here, this area of the forums said new recruits so I'm assuming I post here. Can anyone link a thread for a tutorial on how to make master chiefs "poncho" or patterns for please.
  13. Asgardianhammer

    Props Nerf Longshot Modification Build W.I.P. PIC HEAVY

    So I wanted to share my Nerf Longshot modification. I received a kit from Kula courtesy of VectorWorkz from Black Tactical. This kit was super easy to install. The whole thing is 3d printed. It comes complete with all the plastic screws you will need. There are a few youtube videos on the kits...
  14. vRinzler

    Halo 5 vs Master Chief Collection

    So hopefully you guys have had the chance to play both, I'm gonna go out and say that MCC is actually more fun to me. Now yes it is more games, but even the gameplay and the ability to switch graphics is just more fun to experience. Halo 5 has a fun story and cool mechanics but being able to...
  15. CollinMcCaf

    CollinMcCaf's Model Repository

    The following is a list of my completed (publicly available) 3d printable models. This page will be updated with future links (Last model added 12/23/2019) Don't forget to scale the armor pieces to your body! **These models are provided for personal use only, and free of charge, under...
  16. reverseflash

    Props Halo 5 BoomCo Pistol Paintjob

    So I've posted a few threads a long time ago but never followed up or completed the project. THIS one I will. I plan to make a SPI armor suit, and to come with it, I will be painting up this BoomCo pistol. I will post images of my progress; this is my second time modifying a weapon.
  17. Beemo8bit

    Halo 5 Noble armour - first time builder!

    Hello! Fantastic forum that I've been watching and learning from for a while. I've never made any costumes except a Judge Death for my kid, but decided to build Noble spartan armour for myself, hopefully in time for London's MCM Expo in October. Feel like it was a bad choice to start so complex...
  18. mumgoot

    Best H5 skill/luck moments?

    'Nuff said
  19. CPO mendez

    Props "I Need A Weapon" - CnC Props For Mold Making and Casting [VOTE INSIDE]

    Hello 405th! i'm back with another prop project for y'all! this one will have more community involvement, more pictures, and more advanced tech! So, to start, this entire project came around because my University (previously featured in my 3D Printed Props thread) gave me access to this A B S...
  20. fridgeghost

    Copperhead-class Mjolnir armor - EVA foam project

    Hi, I'm fridgeghost and this is where my journey of building a Halo spartan armor begins. If you want to know more about me, check out the link to my introduction post. Let's talk crafting. Like I said in the headline, I want to make the Copperhead-class Mjolnir armor like it is worn by Olympia...
  21. animeloverlela

    Teishin Raikou Helmet Build

    Hello! I bought a Teishin Raikou 3d printed helmet a couple of weeks ago from Alpha to Zeta Industries akaBucs37DK, and it had arrived late last night. I gotta say, I absolutely love it. It came in 12 pieces (as requested) and now I have to work on putting it together. The challenge is, I have...
  22. Alpha

    Props The Answer to all your problems

    So I realized I posted the original thread in the wrong section (sorry guys). So take 2. So, I have a problem with taking on too many projects. With the Hydra MK II in the works, commissions, and another personal armor set. I seem to have fallen down the rabbit hole of another project...
  23. Alpha

    Teishin Helmet

    Recently commissioned by a customer to make a Halo 5 Teishin helmet. Only our second time printing a helmet so extremely excited to jump into the challenge again! For this one we took a bunch of lessons that we learned from building the Recluse armor to make it much better for the customer...
  24. Alpha

    Thread posted in wrong section. Admins please delete.

    Posting error, admins please delete
  25. C

    Props Halo 4/5 Light Rifle Pepakura files?

    Does anyone know where I can find Pep files for a Halo 4 or 5 Forerunner Light Rifle? Trying to make a weapon to go with my first armor build and I thought it would be an interesting choice.