halo ce anniversary

  1. Spartan325Orson

    The start of my Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Master Chief cosplay!

    New Armor Crafter here! I am happy to say that once this comes in, i will begin building Chief's CEA armor! I am really excited to build one of my favorite armor types! Also, this helmet is coming from Branfuhr Studios, so it should come in high quality and quickly. Looking forward to all your...
  2. N

    Halo CE Authentic Fan Remaster Progress Thread (Very Pic Heavy)

    Building a sandbox demo of Halo CE in Unreal 4. Trying to keep the authenticity neglected by the official remaster. It would be VERY appreciated if there is anyone here with skils in texturing who may be willing to help the project. It will be volunteer because I am a high school student saving...