halo ce marine

  1. FoamAndFoundry

    Foam Combat Evolved Marine

    I recently made a Combat Evolved marine and did a mini photoshoot at a convention parking garage, and I think it's my favorite build yet! It's still missing the two thinner thigh pieces, helmet eyepiece, and gray fatigues but I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I decided to go with a...
  2. PlanetAlexander

    Halo CE Marine Cosplay

    Hey 405th, posting here instead of the RPF to show the development of my Halo Combat Evolved Marine cosplay. I'm using this EXTREMELY helpful thread for nearly all my references (thank you Jubal for all the shots!). So far I've done the bulk of the helmet, done the shoulders and now working on...
  3. Swinly

    HALO CE marine armor (with 100% more textures)

    Hello everyone, I have spent a the past few weeks putting this together. This is similar to the CE Sargent hat that I made. Note it is not built but I plan on building for next years Comi-Con. I have attempted to build Garlens version but found it over sized and bulky. I have used the in game...
  4. Swinly

    Halo CE Sargent Cover

    Alright guys, I noticed that this has not been built or uploaded, so I took the liberty of making it my self. it is scaled to me, ( I am 6 ft / 72 inches/ 3 meters) scale to your own needs. For this I recommend building it out of card stock and printing it in color and using mode-podge seal it...
  5. Delta Four O

    ONI/Jungle Marine build

    Was wondering if any of you dudes have built a light marine kit based on the marines you see in CE 343 Guilty Spark (mines with the boonies and minimal armor) as well as the ONI kits Lockes team uses in Nightfall. Trying to build a semi mash up of the two and was wondering if its been done. New...