halo cosplay

  1. T

    Halo 4 Pdo doesn't have other thigh armor

    Trying to make a halo 5 style armor set but there aren't any opposite thigh armor pieces? wondering how anyone makes a full set of halo 4-5 style armor?
  2. Forearms done!  (Jan 24, 2022)

    Forearms done! (Jan 24, 2022)

    Printing helmet while remodeling bicep {got noodles for arms}
  3. HaloReach1827

    Halo Reach Noble Six Replica cosplay

    Hey guys! I'm new to Halo Cosplay but have an undying love for Halo Reach and Noble six! I'm planning to make a cosplay for the character but need help and pointers so I don't screw up. I'm looking into more of a pepakura process with bondo and fiber glass but i need more info regarding that...
  4. JakeDrake1999

    can someone please give me a smooth Halo Infinite Master Chief helmet pepakura file?

    Since Halo Infinite is coming i wanted to make a Master Chief helmet from the game but the templates i have seen online either cost money or just don´t look good or are too complex for a beginner like me, so does anyone have a simple,smooth and good looking template they could send me?
  5. harleyhalocospl

    Pepakura Halo infinite foam template?

    Hey everyone, Not posted before. Been doing Halo cosplay about 3 years. Just wondering if anyone is working on, or have done any of the infinite armour templates in Pepakura? I've managed to find a Helmet template and I'm working the rest out, but it's a slow process and I'm not able to make...
  6. Fisherk2

    My Halo Reach progress

    (Spanish) Hola a todos, bueno, como prometí, termine la armadura de Halo Reach que tenia planeado este año, aunque un poco tarde porque empece hace aprox. 4 meses, pero bueno, es mejor tarde que nunca. Como siempre, voy paso por paso para explicarle como lo hice...
  7. Swinly

    HALO CE marine armor (with 100% more textures)

    Hello everyone, I have spent a the past few weeks putting this together. This is similar to the CE Sargent hat that I made. Note it is not built but I plan on building for next years Comi-Con. I have attempted to build Garlens version but found it over sized and bulky. I have used the in game...
  8. Manu

    Questions about plexiglass visors and vacuum forming

    So i am planning to build a EVA C-Variant Helmet for my Spartan Armor, and since i do not own a toast oven for heating up the plexiglass sheets, i just wanted to ask, if it is possible to heat up the glass with my heat gun.