halo infinite cosplay

  1. kenway117

    Halo infinite mk VI (gen 3)

    Hello spartans! i wanna know where can i find the foam templates for the entire template of the (mk VI gen 3) master chief armour i only found the helmet template and i wanna know where can i find the most accurated version of the template bc i only found the paper/cardboard template or .stl and...
  2. Psyisawesom8503

    Foam Mk VII foam build

    Hello everyone, long time no see (or read, I guess). Anyway, this year I have started on the Mk VII armor from Halo Infinite. In my opinion, this armor is pretty sick! If you recall from many years ago, I was building a Weta-style ODST costume. I had made great progress, almost finishing the...
  3. Jerverant

    Foam Jerverant's MkVII · Anubis

    Hi everyone! I've been thinking on building a MkVII armor since Halo Infinite came out, and with all the "Halo The Series" hype, I've decided to start my armor. It'll be a slow process, my goal is to finish it by december (for the 405th Regimiento de México reunion). For now, I'll be working...
  4. PaleASSASSIN04

    Halo infinite armor reference images

    Hey fellas, just figured I’d pop in and give some detailed reference images for the Firefall ODST helmet from Infinite. I wanted to make this post for the experienced, as well as talented 3d modelers out there in the community. Now I’d also do the modeling myself, but I don't feel as confident...
  5. shadowbreakre

    Halo Infinite: SOLDIER Helmet - 3D printable

    A few people requested it so here it is, The Soldier helmet from Halo Infinite! And of course a cat ear attachment is included, see image for placement. Scaled for a 23.5" head, may require additional scaling for ideal fit. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5215659
  6. JuryRigged

    Any models for the new armor and helmets from Halo infinite?

    I was planning on 3d printing a helmet for myself and potentially a few friends, and I know how to get the files for the one I want. One friend I have though, he likes the enigma helmet from Halo infinite. From what research I've done I know that we don't currently have a reliable way to rip...
  7. Lukeclm

    1st Build Mk.7 Build (Foam and 3D printed parts)

    Figured I might as well toss my hat in the ring and show off what I've been working on. Decided to try my hand at my first full armor set with the Mk.7! I'm at a point of not being completely done but almost there and thought I should post here since this is where I got the pattern for it...
  8. BigFred

    First Time Halo Infinite Mjolnir Mark VII Build

    Hello SPARTANS, ODST & COVENANTS! This is a thread where I'll be posting my progress build of the Halo Infinite Mjolnir Mark VII! I got the pattern from the 405th Forums. To scale my body and head to the files I used the HaloGoddess thread which I'll link down below as well. Here are the links...
  9. timmsy2911

    Infinite Mk7 3D Print Build

    With my ODST near enough complete, I have began a new project that is the mk7 gen 3 armour from infinite, I will try and do regular posts and updates like I did at the start of my ODST build.
  10. Spiderboy196

    Halo Infinite MK7 ODST/Security

    This is just a place holder im doing since seeing the new halo infinite multiplayer demo today with 405th members. Since we still waiting on a guide and more info of the different armor pieces, i would like to start planning ahead with a halo infinite odst(potential security) when build.
  11. JakeDrake1999

    can someone please give me a smooth Halo Infinite Master Chief helmet pepakura file?

    Since Halo Infinite is coming i wanted to make a Master Chief helmet from the game but the templates i have seen online either cost money or just don´t look good or are too complex for a beginner like me, so does anyone have a simple,smooth and good looking template they could send me?
  12. The Tiny Geek

    Foam TTG Halo Infinite Chief Build

    Figured I should make this thread to track and show my progress on the new suit. This is the second Spartan suit I’ve made and my first big build using foam pepakura. I’m using Heroes Workshop files for the build, they’re $20 but I give him business since he does great unfolds and tutorials...
  13. TylerBH2014

    Pepakura HALO Infinite Master Chief Fore Arm build - (My first pepakura build)

    This is my first time using pepakura, but it is not my first time making a cosplay. I've used foam and cardboard, and now I'm trying something different. I am using templates provided by ShaneDark, who's templates look very accurate in my opinion. And instead of using card-stock, I am...