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  1. JakeDrake1999

    can someone please give me a smooth Halo Infinite Master Chief helmet pepakura file?

    Since Halo Infinite is coming i wanted to make a Master Chief helmet from the game but the templates i have seen online either cost money or just don´t look good or are too complex for a beginner like me, so does anyone have a simple,smooth and good looking template they could send me?
  2. Black Underdog5

    Props Halo Infinite MA40 Nerf Assault Rifle - Repaint/Build

    Finally getting back into costuming after a long hiatus, with a small fun prop build. A friend and I are working on repainting/modifying 3 of the new Halo Infinite MA40 Nerf Assault Rifle's. So far we have sanded down the 'Nerf' 'Halo' 'small texts' and put on the first coat of primer. Over...
  3. The Tiny Geek

    Foam TTG Halo Infinite Chief Build

    Figured I should make this thread to track and show my progress on the new suit. This is the second Spartan suit I’ve made and my first big build using foam pepakura. I’m using Heroes Workshop files for the build, they’re $20 but I give him business since he does great unfolds and tutorials...
  4. TylerBH2014

    Pepakura HALO Infinite Master Chief Fore Arm build - (My first pepakura build)

    This is my first time using pepakura, but it is not my first time making a cosplay. I've used foam and cardboard, and now I'm trying something different. I am using templates provided by ShaneDark, who's templates look very accurate in my opinion. And instead of using card-stock, I am...
  5. ODCA

    ODCA's foam unfolds (and unfold requests)

    Hello 405th! Recently I've been unfolding a lot of pepakura files for foam and learning a lot of neat tricks with the program And I wanted to give back to the community that has done so much for me So I'm making this thread to post the unfolds I make and I'll also be taking unfold requests for...
  6. MoeSizzlac

    Halo Infinite - Undersuit Armor TPU Pieces - Thoughts?

    Hello All, I'm entering the final stages of designing Halo Infinite under armor (Generic). Before I release them, what are your thoughts on the way they Look/Function. Do you have a suggestion to improve them? Grab an image and draw what you are looking for in functionality (a cut here...
  7. sfritts10

    Halo Infinite - Mark VI Gen III Build

    Hey guys! Long-time fan, mid-time lurker, short-time builder. Figured I'd go ahead and start a WIP thread on my Halo Infinite build, I'll be posting my resources + crediting modelers when needed and such on here. Can't wait to finally be one of you guys (with more than a Disguise Ultra Prestige...
  8. IMG_20200327_121711-01.jpeg


  9. Biskt

    1st Build Biskt's Halo Infinite Chief Build

    Hey everyone! I've been lurking on this forum for about 7 years now and have recently decided to get back into the hobby! I made a couple of EVA/Fiberglass Iron Man suits before I started University but haven't really made a suit since I left home (almost 5 years ago now!) I'm also a 3D artist...
  10. MoeSizzlac

    Halo Infinite - 3D Printable Files

    Update: I think I'm done - Halo Infinite - Master Chief Inspired Armor Set - No visor by moesizzlac Hello all, I was working with marinesniper on trying to make PDO's from a file by Jonty Schmidt on Youtube. Jonty made a nice model of Master Chief in Blender. In the middle of trying to turn...
  11. ZiggyGrimm

    1st Build ZiggyGrimm's Halo Infinite Build - Fiberglass/ Carbonfiber Over Foam

    Spartans and Civilians (and everyone in between)! Welcome to my terrifyingly ambitious first Halo build. This summer (and beyond) I'll be building a non-canon Spartan suit based on the upcoming Halo Infinite game. This thread is going to be an overview of the whole process! It can also serve as...
  12. commanderwyro

    vacuum forming services?

    hello all, i am working on a halo infinite helmet and need to vacuum form the visor. i dont have supplies and am still trying to learn it so i was wondering if anybody would be able to do it for me and i could pay. i can 3d print the visor and smooth it and ship it. just need if shaped. if...
  13. harleyhalocospl

    Pepakura Halo infinite foam template?

    Hey everyone, Not posted before. Been doing Halo cosplay about 3 years. Just wondering if anyone is working on, or have done any of the infinite armour templates in Pepakura? I've managed to find a Helmet template and I'm working the rest out, but it's a slow process and I'm not able to make...
  14. BasicChief 117

    Halo Infinite Master Chief Helmet File

    With the up coming Halo Infinite I figure its time to start preparing, I am not sure what they are going to call the armor type yet, but as far as most can tell its a remixed throw back to Halo 2's Mjolnir Mark IV, anyway here is the link of the model on Thingiverse Master Chief Halo...