halo odst

  1. MigilVigil

    1st Build Making ODST Armor out of METAL

    I’m editing the post with updated pictures so you all dont have to scroll down so far to see progress. Hello everyone! As the title says, I’m making a Reach style ODST armor out of aluminum sheet metal. There’s a lot of work fabricating and welding this armor together and I think it’s coming...
  2. Entity

    Halo ODST SOCOM M6C Pistol

    This thread is gonna be about making a blank firing ODST pistol the problem is the design since it seems more closely related with a Glock 17 or 19 and we can build more off that since there is a fully mechanical Glock 17 3D model. The SOCOM M6C is a semi automatic pistol that holds a total of...
  3. C

    Advice/tips for newbies working with EVA foam

    Greetings 405th members! Im a new member i just finished creating my first Helmet (an ODST one) now i was curious as a new member is there any advice/tips some of the more advanced creators and Senior members of the community could suggest for us newbies especially with working with EVA foam...
  4. Marcus Hurston

    Reach ODST Build

    This is my first set of armor from any Halo game, I know a lot of its rough looking but I've been having to rush the build process due to the con I need it for was a week away from the day I started haha, anyway here's some progress pics!
  5. Shiroppi

    [WIP] Yet another ODST armor - foam

    I made a batch last year and sold all including mine before i could get a proper photoshoot or any decent picture for it . so here we go again ! This time, armor will be almost the same but with with some minor changes to the first version. Material used are mixed of 3mm and 5mm foam. The helmet...
  6. Gizinski117

    Odst helmet

    was wondering if any one could help me with a visor I looked at vacuum forming and i sure you need a machine to do that. What is another way i could make a visor
  7. Gizinski117

    Odst helmet

    was wondering if any one has a helmet that would fit ODST Helmet since i halo agreat set of armor just keep making the helmet with imperfections big enough to be noticeable. I am willing to pay for it wanted it to be able to fit my head size: height 407 mm. Dont want it painted or anything just...
  8. Gizinski117

    costume fitting

    So I am about 6'3" and was wondering if I should do a master chief or a ODST costume, and what template would fit me since I am tall. I very new to this and would like to know the best way to make a suit that would fit me and it I should print templates off or go off of what looks best on me...