halo reach 3d print

  1. tanman266

    1st Build Scout/Jun build

    I’ve been 3D printing a little bit before taking on this project, practicing with things from Destiny 2, a ghost, hand canon and sniper rifle. I have already finished the helmet and plan to work my way down from shoulders, to legs, and then chest. Here is the final result of the helmet...
  2. JustinIsTree

    1st Build JustinIsTree's Reach Build

    Hello everyone! I'm JustinIsTree and I guess here's my (technically second) step into the grand world of Halo cosplay. Years ago for Halloween when I was like 14 or 15, I wanted to be Master Chief so my dad took the leftover cardboard we had in the garage and made me a full suit from that in...
  3. PokProps

    Pok's Halo Reach Build (last build thread for a while)

    Alright, the Last Build thread I'm going to make for the next year. ( I swear because I'm tired of keeping myself in a constant loop of not knowing what to make.) So I plan on making this over the next month and trying to get it done by October, I'll be using Nerdforge's files to make the base...
  4. Yinyangyoyo1

    First Build 3D print ODST Parts

    Hey all, this is officially my first thread and also my 3rd attempt at getting into building a costume. I tried pepakura and EVA foam but both times I lost my patience with the learning curve with the skills needed. Right now I am currently working on a full Reach armor set and will be going the...
  5. PA Cosplay

    Props Halo Reach Needle rifle (3d Printed)

    Now that I've gotten my Br-55 done, its time to move onto the next project. I've been printing this for a good week and a half so far but I still got quite a bit to print to go. The file is on thingerverse by OddWorks, I'm printing at 130% size to make it feel like something only an elite could...
  6. 2Hawk

    MA-37 Assault Rifle Print

    As it’s my first hour here, why not post the entire reason for my being here in the first place. The MA37 has been my passion project for about 2 weeks now, and as I near 3AM in the morning the last 2 prints are both threatening to fail.
  7. C

    1st Build 3d Printed Reach Build

    So, a few weeks ago I finally decided to grab a 3d printer and finally got it to a point where i was happy(I cant level a bed any better now) and so I present to you my first big project. Album Link. So luckily someone(Moesizzlac on Thingiverse) took the time to make a thingiverse post for a...