halo reach

  1. OttyrCosplay

    Foam Halo Reach, Recon build APARTMENT STYLE

    After a long break from costuming, I'm back BBY. I decided to go with a Halo Reach foam build, APARTMENT EDITION. What does Apartment style mean? It means no spray paint, no spray sealant, no barge, no power tools (mostly). I do still have my heat gun and will be traveling the long trek a...
  2. N

    Noble 6 Armor

    Hello everyone, just joined and I am a huge fan of Halo. I am especially a huge fan of Reach. I am looking to find where I can get a 3D printed armor of Noble 6. I tried the pepekura method but with my shaky hands I can’t seem to place it properly. So I figured 3D printing would be a better...
  3. Alcidine

    Halo Reach AI Data Chip

    Hello 405th! This is my first forum post, so I'd thought I'd make it a small one. A while ago I modeled the AI data chip from Halo Reach. This was modeled parametrically in Solidworks, so the STL can be whatever I want. If you want the Solidworks file, you can contact me on the Discord.
  4. tanman266

    1st Build Scout/Jun build

    I’ve been 3D printing a little bit before taking on this project, practicing with things from Destiny 2, a ghost, hand canon and sniper rifle. I have already finished the helmet and plan to work my way down from shoulders, to legs, and then chest. Here is the final result of the helmet...
  5. HaloReach1827

    Best method of helmet and armor making (halo reach)

    Pepakura, 3D printing, Eva foam, which one gets the best details and looks?
  6. HaloReach1827

    Halo Reach Noble Six Replica cosplay

    Hey guys! I'm new to Halo Cosplay but have an undying love for Halo Reach and Noble six! I'm planning to make a cosplay for the character but need help and pointers so I don't screw up. I'm looking into more of a pepakura process with bondo and fiber glass but i need more info regarding that...
  7. MigilVigil

    1st Build Making ODST Armor out of METAL

    I’m editing the post with updated pictures so you all dont have to scroll down so far to see progress. Hello everyone! As the title says, I’m making a Reach style ODST armor out of aluminum sheet metal. There’s a lot of work fabricating and welding this armor together and I think it’s coming...
  8. PokProps

    Pok's Halo Reach Build (last build thread for a while)

    Alright, the Last Build thread I'm going to make for the next year. ( I swear because I'm tired of keeping myself in a constant loop of not knowing what to make.) So I plan on making this over the next month and trying to get it done by October, I'll be using Nerdforge's files to make the base...
  9. e0verlord

    1st Build Halo Reach Build (Female Armor Log)

    First time for everything! I've been dreaming about this for years, and it's about time I got started doing it!! My inspiration is from Halo: Reach, the game that was so beautifully constructed around the destruction of Reach (Never Forget), and seeing one's armor configuration appear in the...
  10. Pjork

    Mk-V(b) Spartan-III

    Greetings once again. Welcome to my thread where I will be building my Spartan from Halo Reach. Some extra stuff: - I'll be using NerdForgeDesigns files for the majority of the project (seriously check him out) - The armor design is subject to changes later on but this is the main idea of what...
  11. Jurassic

    H:5/ODST/H:R/H:3 Mega 3D Printed Thread

    Hey all, it's been a few years. Yea, never finished Linda - moved, broke, threw out. But this is about new things!!! --For finished pieces -- I'm going to finally start doing the thing I've been avoiding, and that's modelling in F360 to make my ideal H5 armor set. I'll also be showing you guys...
  12. mardJaderp

    Pepakura H:R MJOLNIR Cosplay

    I really want the ODST cosplay (Pepakura - H2A ODST Cosplay) to come to fruition, but its going to take awhile to set up all the files. As a backup plan, I shall work on a set of MJOLNIR armor from Reach. Luckily, unlike the ODST armor, there are files for all the pieces within 405th and out. So...
  13. SonOfTheGun

    Halo Reach Mark V EVA/Emile build

    I am just starting in on my first build ever, and I decided to start off strong by building Emile's armor from Reach. I have posted a few questions in different threads, but i figured I would keep everything simple and confine my scatterbrain to just one thread and post my progress and my...
  14. Rock Lobbster

    Spartan 360 Interactive Reference Model

    Hello everyone! Thanks to Jeffw773 we now have access to even more models from the MCC with update textures. Because of this I decided to go into the files and make an interactive 360 degree model of the default Mark V from Halo Reach. I have included both a version with decals and shields and...
  15. Yinyangyoyo1

    First Build 3D print ODST Parts

    Hey all, this is officially my first thread and also my 3rd attempt at getting into building a costume. I tried pepakura and EVA foam but both times I lost my patience with the learning curve with the skills needed. Right now I am currently working on a full Reach armor set and will be going the...
  16. Jeffw773

    Huge 3D Model / Sound FX Archive from nearly every Halo Game (Halo CE - Halo 5)

    Hello all! This is my first time posting about this here in the forums, but I have been working on a MASSIVE passion project for the last two months, which has been to create a near complete archive of every important 3d model from each Halo game. This archive includes the 3D models and Sound...
  17. FoamRookieActor

    ODST EVA Halo Reach helmet

    Hello guys! This is my first post I want to make an ODST EVA foam helmet build. I already have Andrew DFT's files printed and am wondering how to carry on. Should I make a cardboard model of it to see if I like it, Should I jump right into making it outta foam, or should I do something else? Any...
  18. ODST Helmet

    ODST Helmet

    And here's the helmet of my ODST, the topping to this beautiful piece. The Helmet is made of EVA Foam which makes it super light and breathable.
  19. Mysticporo

    First Reach Spartan Build (An Adventure into Cosplay)

    Hello Again, So last year I joined the forums alongside the Discord server and was very enthralled with everyone else’s builds that I decided to start making plans for my own, whilst creating a 3D Model of it since I’m more familiar with digital space, however as 2020 ran out of time it became...
  20. ODST Right Shoulder

    ODST Right Shoulder

    Here is the ODST Right Shoulder. As you see I may have gotten a little creative with its design on making some form of Elite Hunting ODST Unit. If you go back to the Thigh guard there you can see a Kill Count of Elites just for fun.
  21. ODST Chest & Shoulders

    ODST Chest & Shoulders

    Here is a wip of the Chest and Shoulders of my ODST my original plan was to apply a vinyl sticker to the chest piece but the adhesive didn't seem to want to stick. So what I did was used the sticker as a stencil to create the UNSC Reach crest using black sharpie and a white paint pen.
  22. ODST Thigh Guard

    ODST Thigh Guard

    All armor pieces are made of solid polyurethane, and you'll soon see it'll be a Reach ODST variant. I've been planning this for a while wasn't till long after the Discovery Outpost in 2019 Florida that I begun work to save up money for this dream cosplay since I was in Middle School.
  23. B

    Reach Boots???

    I've been having a hard time finding pepakura files that I like for the halo reach boots. I am currently using the standard version found in the armory. I would really appreciate any help I could get.
  24. Fallen

    Foam Halo Reach Carter Build - Going for T3

    Introduction When I joined the 405th back in 2015 with grand ideas of the Spartan suit I wanted to make I knew absolutely nothing about how to build a suit. The first piece I ever made was a Mark VI helmet using the pepakura method that was too small and where I was too impatient during the...
  25. Mysticporo

    A New Spartan in Town. (Updating Progress)

    So Hiya! Guess I’ll start with an Introduction my name Mysticporo people usally shorten it to Mystic or Poro whatever people decide is fine with me, Anyhow I'm a Fan of Halo as many of you are, I usually run around Virtual Reality as a Spartan and well for some reason I don't feel like myself if...