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  1. G

    Halo Reach Recon helmet

    I have looked everywhere to find the pepakura files for the recon helmet from reach, but I can only find the one from Halo 3, which is kinda ugly in my opinion. I'm really surprised that there isn't any files for this helmet anywhere around... If you have any idea where I could find it, please help!
  2. Dullestfungus39

    Halo reach armor

    Hello! I’m new and I’m making halo reach armor for my noble 6 helmet. RandomRanger
  3. Foxcario

    ODST Build Progress

    I hope this is the right place for me to make a thread about any of my Halo builds or progress. I'll post pictures later along the way. Recommendations, tips, or suggestions are welcome.
  4. 2Hawk

    Hawks UNSC Weapons Thread

    After seeing someone with a model of the M73 in the finished props section, I decided I wanted my own. This set me off on making my own model of the LMG since none that I know of exist. Since this is my third UNSC weapon, I figured I should start pooling together all my work instead of...
  5. Rock Lobbster

    Lobbster's Reach Build

    I decided to do a fun quarantine project with the 144 sq ft of harbor freight I happened to have sitting around so my custom spartan was born! Playing Reach on PC again really brought back the desire to be my own spartan. So far I have the shoulderpads, biceps, chest, and abwrap are complete...
  6. Flaminshotgun

    (Almost) Finished Halo Reach Pepakura and Foam Hybrid Spartan Suit

    It's been a year in the making, but I am FINALLY 99% finished. The only thing left to do is put the visor into the helmet and pad it so it can actually be worn. Hope it looks good, tell me all what you think please!
  7. hotshothodder

    Halo Reach Noble 6 Emile 2.0

    I'm going to be rebuilding Emile, my first Emile suit was my second suit build, I've learned a lot since then and now want to remake it to my standards!
  8. ODCA

    Props Foam Needler Commission WIP

    hello everyone! I'm finally back posting threads on the forum after quite some time! I recently got a commission to build a halo reach style needler what I'm planning to do is build everything out of laser engraved EVA foam, similar to how I built my plasma rifle last year with some...
  9. Rock Lobbster

    Lobbster's Jorge Build (3d print and foam)

    That's right, I'm up to no good again and this time it's Jorge! I'm going to be primarily 3d printing Jorge's armor with foambuilt parts and undersuit. I also recently acquired a laser cutter so that will be used during this build! The deets: 7in tall stilts (Will make me about 6.5' tall)...
  10. NobleTravis

    Props Noble 6 Build, Planning Phase!

    Hey guys, since my Landfall Build has come to an end I wanted to do something for the 10 year anniversary of Halo Reach in 2020 for Dragoncon. I decided with the help of an Instagram poll to take on Noble 6 next! While going over some references pics I realized that I’m not so sure what the...
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    The visor didn't turn out the way that I had hoped. Originally I tried vacuum forming it, but I could not get the PETG hot enough using a heat gun. If I revisit vacuum forming I will need a stable, stronger heating element. As of right now, I can only see through the eyes.
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  20. MarcusDude

    Any helmet casts or full helmets for sale?

    My max price is $130.
  21. hotshothodder

    Halo Reach Noble 6 Jorge Foam Build

    This will be my 5th foam set of armor I'm going to be making! There's no deadline that i'm trying to finish this costume by but just take my time and pay attentoion to a lot fo details! All theses files have been converted over to foam myself, If you have any questions regarding that just shoot...
  22. SpartanProps

    Noble 6 halo reach build

    Hey everyone! I thought i would post my build progress for my noble 6 costume that i debuted at calgary comic expo! Since its done and not in progress im not really sure what order to do the picturtes in, so i will do my best to post in clusters of what i did and explain what i have done c...
  23. Entity

    Halo ODST 3D object files or stl

    Does anyone happen to have any 3D files for the halo ODST armor system?
  24. MoeSizzlac

    Halo Reach - Noble 4 - Emile -A239 - Mark 5 armor set including Helmet

    Link: Halo Reach - Noble 4 - Emile -A239 - Mark 5 armor set including Helmet This is an armor set remixed from a Pepakura armor files uploaded on the 405th.com forum. I didn't have one source for the pdo files so I will just link to the 5 posts where I got most of the files that I then turned...