halo wars

  1. Spartan325Orson

    Mark IV Help and Status Updates

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone can be my "Mentor" for armor building? I'm going to need a lot of help building the Mark IV Gen 1, seeing that this will be the hardest project in my cosplaying career. I want to get it done as quickly as possible. So to those who already build the Mark IV...
  2. Cam4kstudios

    Halo 2A/HW2 Marine Cosplay build

    Heyo back with another project here on the 405th. Some of you may recognize me from an earlier project where I was making a black dagger ODST entirely out of cardboard. Was super proud of that but I ended up not finishing it because our crew decided to change the theme of our short film project...
  3. SpecOpsSpartan

    First Halo Wars wip

    I will be posting my armor as time goes on.
  4. IrrationalSound

    WIP Foam MK V Build

    This is my first time making a post like this, but I'm hoping to start making a lot more posts of what I've worked on and what I am working on. This isn't my first build, and hopefully won't be my last either, will probably post comparisons with my previous sets. Any way here is what I am...
  5. Spall and Azimuth Edited

    Spall and Azimuth Edited

  6. SpecOpsSpartan

    Looking for Halo Wars 3D print files that don't have manifold problems.

    looking for halo wars sparten 3d print files.
  7. maccrawinthejaw

    MJOLNIR Mark IV custom (Halo Wars/Halo Wars 2)

    I'm not sure if this is the right spot for newcomers to post their builds - I did look around to see if I could figure out the best possible spot, but this seemed like the right spot so here goes nothin'. So I've been a fan of Halo pretty much the moment my dad let me play his copy of Combat...
  8. Frogn

    I'm new here & search some 3D files for a mk IV Halo Wars Armor (help would be great)

    Hi, I'm new here and to cosplay, but thinging about a project. I would like to build a mk. IV MJOLNIR Armor, like those from Halo Wars. Because I'm not new to 3D-printing, I thought I'll print it, but I can't find proper, printable files. After I searched for Halo Wars, I only found a post with...
  9. commanderwyro

    Mark IV halo wars helmet 3d print stl?

    ive been looking everywhere and i cant find one. does anybody know where one is or could somebody with a non-free pepakura designer change the file to an STL or OBJ? would definitely appreciate it. one of the most beautiful helmets in the halo universe and i cant find a 3d printable version for...
  10. Sierra 107

    MKIV MJOLNIR - Custom

    Hey all! Been a while since I last posted anything costuming related. I was happy with where I had left off with my Poncho Chief costume, however I have decided to move onto something that I am more enthusiastic about. I am currently working on a project, the details of which I can't exactly...
  11. NZ Ethan

    Halo Wars 2 Leon 011 Concept art build

    I haven't posted on 405th in quite some time. Hello everyone! Some of you may have followed my older builds and some of you may have never seen my work... I have just recently completed a Leon 011 build based on concept art from Halo Wars 2. Here I will share the full build process along with...
  12. thatdamnjodie

    Mark IV (Gen 1) Build

    Hi guys, not sure if this belongs under the new recruits category as I'm long-time lurker, as my first post finally coming out of the shadows, I have some build goodies. As a bit of backstory, I've made four Spartan suits in the recent three years, including a Master Chief made of yoga foam...
  13. Lieutenant Jaku

    Halo wars Mk IV armor

    MY files Mjolnir MK. IV - Download - 4shared - lieutenant Jaku armor picture status report Part progress stage helmet 1 (Mk IV) - 0% helmet 2 (Mk V) - 50% fiber-glassing chest- 30 % gluing optional halo reach...
  14. tomboy


    Issued November 27, 2525, the Mjolnir Mark IV exoskeleton , weighing in at half a ton, features an outer layer of multilayer alloy plates with a refractive coating to disperse energy weapon attacks over intermeshed layers of matte-black metal. The gel filled layer underneath contains...