1. RadMax117

    Props FRONKS box (from H3 map Longshore)

    “Betcha can’t make a stupider prop than your oversized and impractical gravity hammer.” “You’re on..” Fronk formed fish food container seen in the recently released Master Chief collection multi player attachments and the Halo 3 map Longshore. Will be a nice bit of lore to add to my ODST...
  2. RadMax117

    Foam Halo 3 gravity hammer scale demonstration

    Showing off just how big the hammer is compared to me fully suited up. I’m 5’8” w/o shoes, plus a few inches with boots and helmet on. Hammer length is 6’2”
  3. Halo 3 E.O.D

    Halo 3 E.O.D

    Doing a E.O.D Medic for shits and giggles
  4. commanderwyro

    Finished Halo Infinite Chief Armor

    7 months of 3d printing, sanding and painting and the chief build is finished. currently weathering it and getting some final things finished like padding. gotta say im so damn happy with how it turned out.
  5. Pjork

    1st Build ODST Build!

    This is all it so far
  6. scifikai

    Brute Fire Bomb Grenade

    Trust me, the feeling of holding one of these is amazing! Had a blast making it and figuring out how to do it from scratch for Halo Outpost. This post is for those who are crafting on a budget! Materials: You'll need a circular-shaped plastic bottle (if you can find one that's already tinted...