1. QueenBHartigan

    Giving back to the community.

    Hey everyone! ODST Chip here! I want to say thank you to you all, The 405th infantry division has helped guide me through my helljumper build, I’ve picked up a bunch of invaluable tips and tricks through my build. For example, my silver visor and Deviss65 who showed me how! Sean Bradley...
  2. RadMax117

    Foam “We Are ODST” shot for shot re-creation

    Tried to re-create part of the best live action video game trailers ever! Both armors I made (all foam) with my friend rocking my first set of armor. Shot on an iphone in the backyard during a night of heavy drinking, filmed and directed by my other friend. Ran out of lighter fluid so gas was...
  3. therookiesax

    My ODST Guide, some assembly, mostly purchased

    Hi, all, it's my first post after lurking for quite a while as non member. I wanted to share my walkthrough for buying and putting together an ODST setup. This does require some tools and assembly but wasn't too bad. I'm fairly new to crafting and modding and maybe the hardest thing to figure...
  4. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard Makes an ODST

    I'm trying this thing of doing a whole bunch of work on a project and then just dropping all of the updates when it's at the 80%+ stage. So yeah, I did a thing, bought some new tools to make the thing easier and here we are several months after the inception of the project with the finish line...