1. RadMax117

    Props Halo 4/5 sniper rifle

    Made this prop in 2017 so I don’t have many work in progress pics. Made with eva foam and a wood core for rigidity, and sturdy enough to be a walking stick when I’m tired of carrying it at cons! It’s not very heavy but since it’s so big it does after a while. 4.5 ft long. Scope is see through...
  2. Rei 0793

    My Spartan way (Halo 4 master chief)

    This is my first post of process for my first build armor, i want to publish my results of each part of this beautiful process of Master chief Armor from halo 4, yn this case i will alternate with EVA FOAM and 3D Printed, i hope you give me advices and tips for obtain great results!! i loviu...
  3. TheRealVictor

    Halo Boom Co M6 Pistol Re-Paint

    Hey everyone! The Nerf Halo Assault Rifle was a huge success and I recently had the opportunity to work on another repaint! This time, I had the pleasure of working with the discontinued Boom Co M6. It was another One-Day Build and I made a 3 minute Speed Run Video too
  4. Hollowknight0

    3D Printed Master Chief (Halo 4/5)

    Update Helmet: Finished Forearms: Printed Gloves: Finished Shoulders: Printed Cod piece: Printing Butt plate: Printed Shins: Printed Thighs: Sliced Boots: Printed Chest: Sliced Elbows and Knees: printed Cod piece: Printed Hello! I had started to make Master Chief back in 2014. I had figured out...
  5. Marissa2001

    1st Build Halo 4 Recon Build

    Working on my first build! Only have the helmet partially done so far and have to wait till I can get Eva foam to start the armor
  6. Spiderboy196

    First Halo Build

    This is my first time making a spartan outfit. Its very very time consuming but it worth it though. I have already done about half of the armor and soon gonna finish it this week. I have photos of what i have already done.
  7. Runkrod

    Current thoughts on armor styles

    Hey gang. Just getting back into the "Halo-verse" after a few years off. Am motivated to make a new set of armor but my brain is exploding from all of the options, styles, etc. I built a Halo 3 style MC a few years ago and was originally thinking I'd just move down the timeline and build a...
  8. FunFrostbite

    Halo 4/5 elite build

    Hello, I have made some progress on my h4 elite, such as... scaling props and weapons, planning, and learning how to work with 5-6 mm eva foam. Also, can someone help me out? I don't know how to post pics because now I have to put in a dumb htttp. Does anyone know how to post pics? If so, thank you!