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  3. Spiderboy196

    Scaling certain body pieces in pep

    I been working on my spartan build for 4 months now and hit a setback: scaling specifically, the thighs. How does one know if the scaling is too big or too small? And how can one get it to close as just about right? This is just a struggle for my 5'8 short self
  4. ImmortalReaver

    Foam Kelly-087 Build

    Here's my progress on my Kelly build. I got the Boots, Shins, and Thighs mostly done. The boots still need a couple minor additions and they all still need to be cleaned up with kwik seal and a dremel. First almost full leg suit up. Feels good man. The boots have this super thicc foam in...
  5. FunFrostbite

    Halo 4/5 elite build

    Hello, I have made some progress on my h4 elite, such as... scaling props and weapons, planning, and learning how to work with 5-6 mm eva foam. Also, can someone help me out? I don't know how to post pics because now I have to put in a dumb htttp. Does anyone know how to post pics? If so, thank you!
  6. ObiJ3ff

    Halo 5 Cortana Reference pics

    For anyone wanting high resolution pics of Cortana's Halo 5 look / armor here you go.
  7. BlizzyBee

    Scaling Centurion Armor Helmet Halo 5 help

    hej there everyone :) i'm a new member to the 405th forums but ive been a maker for a few years now, although i am new to pepakura and thats where im asking for help i've followed several guides on scaling halo armor for pep but i cant seem to get it right ( i guess i have a weird head shape)...
  8. ObiJ3ff

    Halo Reference Pics

    So here is where i am going to posting some Halo Reference pics for anyone to use. I have been recording & pulling screen frames from the halo cinematic scenes & hope they can be to some use to some people when making or detailing a spartan suite.
  9. Sean Anwalt

    Sean Anwalt's Halo 4/5 Master Chief build

    Well my Buzz Lightyear build is on hold unfortunately. But I'm not being idle! I have set a goal for myself to build a Halo 4/ Halo 5 master chief out of foam. I want to build it to look amazing like LongShot X and ExCeLLuR8 suits. But this stupid suit is crazy hard for me. The files in the...
  10. Ronin Armory

    Halo 5 Guardians ONI Chaingun Built

    Hello everyone, It has been a while since I've made another Halo built and this time I am going for a Chaingun from Halo 5 Guardians! Take note this built took me 3 and a half days, I will go through step by step and will show you my time stamp on how I tackled this built. The end product is a...
  11. Fisherk2

    My HeliosKrill Cosplay Progress (FOAM)

    Hola, aquí dejo todo mi progreso del armado del HeliosKrill con la combinación del casco Venator (No domino el ingles muy bien así es que el traductor me va hacer el esfuerzo de traducir todo :p)...
  12. LordSloth

    Props My Halo 5 Boomco Blasters repainted and mounted on REQ Card backgrounds

    Over the past months, I've been grabbing some of the boomco blasters and modeling them up to look like some of the REQ's in Halo 5. Then I had the idea to paint a canvas like the REQ Card and mount the guns to the canvas. Here are the results below: Here's a look at all 4 of the guns...