1. TheRealVictor

    Making a Halo Infinite Skewer 2021

    Hey everyone! It has been a while since I posted here, my apologies. I hope you are all safe & well. Rest assured, my creative endeavors never stop. That being said, I had the pleasure of playing Halo Infinite (on my OG Xbox 1) and it was a great experience. Now comes a grand challenge: make a...
  2. jegatherdomnai

    who is liking the flight?

    Played the flight and wondering what everyone else thinks question #1: favourite weapon question #2: favourite helmet question #3: favourite change two the last two halo games question #4: least favourite weapon question #5: least favourite helmet question #6: least favourite change two the...
  3. ItSpartan116

    Halo Infinite Spartan IV (Road to Infinite) WIP

    Date:07/18/2021 I have been planning to make a full suit of MK7 for Halo Infinite but after watching E3 and the multiplayer overview. I have got an idea to mix and match my armor pieces with Gen 3 MK7, Gen 3 MK6, and Halo Reach MKV(B) armor type but when more Halo Infinite armor pieces become...
  4. batzychief117

    Halo Infinite Master Chief GEN III Mjolnir Armor

    Hello Spartans This is my first armor and i hope you guys can get some technics out of this thread, cheers! So the first step for me is gettin the measurements right so the armorsmith program got my back, im 6´1 and hopely get some extra inches when the boots are done. I got the files from...
  5. ItSpartan116

    Road to Infinite “MKVII Armor Build” 3D Printed

    My goal is to complete a full set of Halo Infinite MKVII Armor before the launch of Infinite. And also making my first resin cast armor pieces I am starting on the helmet front is done and back is printing now
  6. ODCA

    Props Halo Infinite Battle Rifle BR75

    I've been aboard halo infinite's hype train since day one, oddly enough, still haven't built anything, it's about time to change that! I've decided to build the battle rifle, based on the 2 images that have been revealed so far: Now, first things first, was making some templates, I and a...