1. Ichirukaprops

    First build, Mk. VII 3d printed, asking for help

    Hey all, New recruit here. I got into cosplay a few years ago and wanted to do a big armor set. Last year during quarantine I was gifted a couple of busted 3d printers. Luckily they only needed new beds and hot ends so I was able to fix them for around $150. During Do3d's Labor day sale I picked...
  2. Rock Lobbster

    Mark VII Community Modelling

    With the release of the Mark VII guide there was the mention of a community model brought up in the 405th Discord so here we go! The Scoop: I'm trying to see if there would be enough people wanting to model a section of the Mark VII for foam unfolding. With the release of Infinite this year it...
  3. A Frosted Bond

    Looking for Halo infinite MK IV helmet

    Hey all, first thread post haha but I'm looking for a foam pep of this helmet which sort of looks like a newer version of the MK IV, would anyone happen to know if there is one floating about? Quite doubtful since it only has one photo, might have to scratch build. Thanks
  4. commanderwyro

    Finished Halo Infinite Chief Armor

    7 months of 3d printing, sanding and painting and the chief build is finished. currently weathering it and getting some final things finished like padding. gotta say im so damn happy with how it turned out.
  5. harleyhalocospl

    Model unfolding in Pepakura?

    Hi everyone! I'm in need of assistance sorting out a 3D model of the abb's from a Halo Infinite suit i and another person are working on. Neither one of us have been able to successfully unfold it. I'm hoping someone with a bit more Pepakura experience could maybe help us do this? please msg me...
  6. commanderwyro

    3d Printed Halo Infinite Master Chief

    So since march ive been working on a halo infinite master chief cosplay. will be done 3d printing in maybe a week. heres some pics of some of it. i will try and post a lot more pics soon if i can remember to. i post a lot more on my instagram WyrosWorkshop . i will continue adding my pics and...
  7. KolinC

    Halo Infinite Assault Rifle

    After the recent gameplay reveal I may have fallen in love with the new AR design, so i spent the last few days throwing it together in blender for 3D printing. I went ahead and Split it into 13 pieces so it can be printed on smaller printers. If anyone wants to print it for themselves...
  8. MoeSizzlac

    Halo Infinite - 3D Printable Files

    Update: I think I'm done - Halo Infinite - Master Chief Inspired Armor Set - No visor by moesizzlac Hello all, I was working with marinesniper on trying to make PDO's from a file by Jonty Schmidt on Youtube. Jonty made a nice model of Master Chief in Blender. In the middle of trying to turn...
  9. Spiderboy196

    Next lvl cosplay. H5G/Infinite Security Spartan 4 WIP

    In honor of xbox of showing us soon to be gameplay of halo infinte, i decided to start work on another spartan that best fits my style and occupation: the security armor from h5g. I have photos of the already scaled and ready to print and transfer to foam of the armor.
  10. commanderwyro

    vacuum forming services?

    hello all, i am working on a halo infinite helmet and need to vacuum form the visor. i dont have supplies and am still trying to learn it so i was wondering if anybody would be able to do it for me and i could pay. i can 3d print the visor and smooth it and ship it. just need if shaped. if...
  11. The Makyr

    Halo Infinite GEN III Master Chief MK VI/ VII

    So I’m finally making another build thread and I hope I get to update this. I’ll be starting master chief’s Gen III armor from Halo Infinite. Though official files aren’t accessible, i will just try to work the best files I can and modify them. Here’s some torso progress and I’ve also...