1. G

    Hi! Baack again lol PDO into a OBJ

    I'm in the same dilemma again, I was wondering if anyone can help me convert a PDO to OBJ since I'm still stuck with my Mac.. I'm currently trying to make a 1/6th and a 1/12th Spartan Fig. Think it like a Hot Toys! So i was wondering if anyone can convert these files! Here's the links, its all...
  2. Pjork

    3D Printed Spartan-III Build

    Here is the goal, the armor is probably going to be changed up a bit but this is the rough idea of what I want it to look like. Some info: - MP helmet is by TurboCharizard - Using MoeSizzlac's armor files credit to him! - The armor is going to be the female variant because it fits me better. -a
  3. Spiderboy196

    Halo reach x Vocaloid hybrid; Kaito,K-214

    I will be doing a halo reach build of a certain lesser know vocaloid to join TurboCharizard vocaloid gang. The vocaloid I'm going for is kaito and I will be using his primary colors of royal blue and golden yellow. This will be a fun build ^^
  4. KGSupreme

    1st Build The Red ODST Halo: Reach build log.

    Intro: Hello everyone. I figured now was about time that I stopped lurking and started posting my own build log, I'll try to organize it for fast browsing. I have wanted to build my own armor set based off my custom armor from Halo: Reach, it's been nearly a full decade since that game came out...
  5. SpartanProps

    Noble six spartan p17

    Hi everybody! I thought i would post some pics of my second spartan build! I debuted it today at calgary expo. I hope you enjoy!
  6. Fissoffury

    New but ready to go!

    Hello every one, Even though I commitioned my noble 2 kat airassult armor out, it has inspired me to posibly making some of my own in the future. I am very happy with Eric and Krissys work (snowtigerdesigns). I myself being a artist can appreciate the hard work they put into my suit. I...