1. A

    Looking for Halo 3 Hayabusa files

    So the files I found for the Hayabusa helmet here on the 405th are almost too detailed, and they have too many bends and folds to work all that well with EVA foam. I'm looking for files that would work better with EVA foam and could be printed out. Thanks!
  2. DarthDratinni

    Halo 3 Hayabusa build

    I dont know why but everytime i look at it i feel like it should be bigger but at the same time i know its the right size (im not even fully done with the shoulders yet)
  3. U

    Halo 4 Hayabusa Helmet Model [Need Help Unfolding]

    I finally isolated the helmet from the full body model of the halo 4 hayabusa armor by Art Andrews ill provide a link to the forum below. I need help unfolding it though, could anyone with experience help? Isolated Helmet: halo-4-hayabusa-helmet - Download - 4shared - Cedric Miller Art Andrews...
  4. L

    Hayabusa Helm file

    Is there anywhere I can find the old files for them? Thank you