1. shadowbreakre

    Halo 5: Guardians Helioskrill Armor Build - 3D Printing

    Update 3/18/2021: Armor released https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4798288 Update 3/2/2021: Helmet released https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4781407 So I've been through a lot these last few weeks and situation in Austin right doesn't help. I Decided that I was going to back off for a bit so...
  2. IMG_20200327_121711-01.jpeg


  3. Shon

    HelioSkrill Build

    Build thread for my helioskrill suit, Tips and suggestions are welcome
  4. Fisherk2

    My HeliosKrill Cosplay Progress (FOAM)

    Hola, aquí dejo todo mi progreso del armado del HeliosKrill con la combinación del casco Venator (No domino el ingles muy bien así es que el traductor me va hacer el esfuerzo de traducir todo :p)...
  5. BinaryAcidWolf

    Im a new recruit that would like to start building asap

    hey all im a long time halo fan and have been watching what the 405th community has been putting out for 10 years and id love to join, i finally have a good budget to fiance a build so i have a supply list but i cant seem to find a deadeye helmet pepakura file, im also just looking for the...
  6. Shon

    Helioskrill Armor

    Hi, I'm really eager to make a helioskrill suit, but I cannot find armor files anywhere. The ones in the armory are just the helmet and the wrist piece and even then the helmet isn't 100% accurate with the visor being to long and what not. Does anyone happen to have any unfolded pepakura files...