1. C

    As a short person, how could wear a masterchief outfit to be closer to his height?

    For context, I’ve been intrigued with the halo costume community for a really long time now, and I’ve finally decided I might try to make my first outfit! Before I begin though, I’m around 5”4’ and I’m pretty sure masterchief is around 7 ft. For any people with experience making these, would...
  2. T

    ALL Gears Of War Carmine Helmets?

    Hi does anyone have any of the Carmine helmets from gears of war (paper build) I want to make one of each for a friends birthday Clayton Anthony Benjamin and the glasses of gary if anyone could help me get the files i will be very grateful thanks
  3. A

    1st Build PLA post processing

    Hey all! I'm new to the world of armorsmithing, and just about to begin what is probably going to be a set of Mark V(B) style armor, and looking for a little information as I like to have a full battleplan before starting something. I'm sure there are multiple threads buried in here containing...
  4. LeastFamousStev

    Need help with Pepakura, weird seam line/edge issue

    Hey 405th, has anyone seen this before? I get weird seam lines/edges in Pepakura after bringing in models from Blender, which makes my unfolds janky, and I don't know why. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated! Here was my process to get to this point: - downloaded a mix of 3D files from...
  5. PlaylikeLuX

    Need advice and help

    Hello everyone, I've been working on my Halo Reach Noble 6 helmet for a big while now. I've already pumped more than 80h in the helmet as it was my first ever try sanding it which I did suprisingly well. I've used Spray putty (first problem) which was chosen randomly. I've did about 4-5 coats...
  6. PopPunk6665

    Trouble with a lopsided helmet.

    I've been skulking around here for a bit, and when I finally got up the courage I decided I'd start my first cosplay with a marine. Specifically, I'm following the tutorial series from Andrew Dft. I'm almost done, and have even painted and strapped some sections of armor, but was finishing up...
  7. cr0wb0n3z

    have a slight idea what i'm doing but still not much!

    so, i got some basic equipment and i'm trying to print out blueprints, but i've run into two new issues- one, i don't have pepakura. are there any alternatives? two, how do i scale the armour to be my size? edit: looking into pepakura viewer edit 2: looks like it's not free/doesn't exist...
  8. Kapyets21

    Color visor help!

    Hi all! So I recently just joined and plan on 3-D printing my armor from infinite soon! Are all of the visor colors I found this in silver where are my choices and I would like to see if anyone had recommendations or tips on how I could pull this lock off but still see from inside!? Relatively...
  9. Jayster

    Looking for advice on where to start

    I have been into Halo for quite a while and followed a few cosplayers and have been officially engrossed and wanting to get into a project. This is my first time attempting and I'm looking to make Halo 2's Mark VI Mjolnir armor for a Red vs Blue cosplay. Currently, I don't have access to a 3D...
  10. Lieutenant Jaku

    Jaku's Sonic Head

    So Sonic 2 comes out this friday! a club at school is going to see it (with 22 people) and we are all required or at least highly encouraged to dress up as some sort of sonic character. Of course this means it's time to go overboard. resin is done, although a part needs another coat but then...
  11. InfiniteBed

    Sizing Chest Piece

    Hello 405th, I'm a little unsure of how I'm going to scale the chest piece from moesizzlac's Noble 3 models. I'm worried about it riding up on my shoulders, and I don't want it to look unnaturally big on me, or have this giant gap between my torso and the piece itself. Are there any suggestions...
  12. A

    Urgent: Commission Stolen/Lost in Transit

    Hello 405th, I was recommended to post my situation on here for everyone to help keep a look out of my first commission I ordered. Always been a Halo fan and to own a suit that fits me was a dream. I pulled the trigger 4 months ago with a very reputable company that paved the way to my...
  13. jegatherdomnai

    what resin do i use?

    I need a cheap and non toxic resin that could coat a few helmets I do not have a respirator and have a price range of about $30
  14. Toasterblast

    New Recruit - How should I start building my armor?

    Hi, I just signed up for this site. I've wanted to make some Halo armor, particularly my MP armor from MCC Halo 3. It's the ODST\COMM helmet, ODST\DEMO chest and legs, ODST\TAC forearms, EOD shoulders, GEN1 undersuit, yellow visor, and the Demolitions back accessory. I really don't know what to...
  15. darkangel11219

    3D Printing Custom Halo 4 Armor Help

    Hi, I would like to 3D print my own Halo 4 armor but I don't have aby 3D STL files that i found online. The models I would like is as follows: War Master Helmet Halo 4 Venator Left and Right Shoulders Halo 4 Venator Left and Right Arms Halo 4 Venator Refractive Skin Chest Halo 4 Fotus Left and...
  16. L

    Foam Foam Question

    Hi all! I'm making my multiplayer Spartan from Reach, and rn the puzzle mats I'm using are ~3/4 inch thick and are too difficult to work with. I want to get something thinner, but was wondering if I should just go with a random set of 1/2 inch eva foam puzzle mats of Amazon or if I should get...
  17. B

    halo 2 anniversary odst help

    hello all Hellhammer Design and cosplay here, I am currently working on a full H2 anniversary armor by hand. ive run in to some problems. Does anyone know of any good pepakura patterns for the armor?Also im looking for the visor for the helmet.I purchased a regular odst visor and the...
  18. commanderwyro

    Help with Paint color

    So i am redoing lots of my halo infinite master chief. and in part of that i am deciding to repaint it. id like to airbrush it if possible but having trouble picking out that shade of green. i feel like each trailer his green looks slightly different but id like to keep it fairly similar to the...
  19. JustJosh

    How do I make a visor that has the right detailing, color, is mirrored, and see through?

    So I don’t actually own a 3D printer, but my cousin does and he’s currently printing the halo 3 recon helmet by CollinMcCaf the main issue at the moment being how do I go about making the visor. I don’t know how to go about getting or making a visor that is the right color, is one way mirrored...
  20. Kabelbinder

    Halo MJOLNIR Mark V helmet next steps

    Hi! This helmet is my second attempt and Im finally satisfied with the result. Now I’m quite lost and don’t know what to do now to harden it. What do I have to do now and is the helmet looking ok?
  21. Plaer

    Quick question.

    Hey! I know there's probably a lot of threads about this already, but I've not been very successful in finding them. I hope me posting this isn't too big an issue. Anyhow, I'm incredibly new to both halo cosplay and costume/propmaking in general. It's been something that's interested me for a...
  22. Gabbylight

    Hi! Baack again lol PDO into a OBJ

    I'm in the same dilemma again, I was wondering if anyone can help me convert a PDO to OBJ since I'm still stuck with my Mac.. I'm currently trying to make a 1/6th and a 1/12th Spartan Fig. Think it like a Hot Toys! So i was wondering if anyone can convert these files! Here's the links, its all...
  23. SecretJedi0321

    Unfold Help Needed - Dark Trooper Helmet

    I have this Dark Trooper Helmet 3D model that needs to manually unfolded in Pepakura so it can be assembled with EVA foam. The Auto-Unfold creates some really weird shapes. I'm new to Pepakura and cosplay in general. Could I get some help? I've attached a photo below and can attach the model later.
  24. 3LeggedWolf

    1st Build Clear coating for cardstock

    Hello guys, Armour spec: Papercraft method I will be making my first suit of armour in the coming year and will hopefully have it prepared by the final year of my university degree as I'd really like to recreate the graduation marketting material Microsoft put out to hype up Reach. I really...
  25. brennan lyons

    Looking for 3D printer!!! IDK WHAT IM DOING!!

    Alright, i haven't been very active here but I know all of you are the best of the best out there to contact. I currently have a Dremel 3D20 and the prints are alright. Although my father and I are currently looking into a new printer, I have some ideas in mind but I wanted to know what...