1. Caleb Ellis

    Need help about making Master Chief Armor

    I have done a lot of research on how to make, and have some experience in using fiberglass. I still don't know which version to make, but I will probably stick with an older one so it is easier to fold. I can't figure out how to scale the armor to my body perfectly, I am 5' 11" and I have...
  2. Double

    requesting a little help for a noob

    hello fellow 405th members, my name is Double, but you may call me snEEko. i have been a avid halo player for many years and this year ive decided to make not one but all 3 halo suits i absolutely love Via Rvb. now due to some of my Local 405th brothers i have learnt a many things but there is...
  3. mblackwell1002

    The prop building guidebook!

    The prop building guidebook This book, the Prop Building Guidebook: For theatre and film seems like an extremely useful book for many of us here. I’m certainly reading it. This particular link is for the plastics section of the book. It has many techniques for a more professional approach to...
  4. P

    Any advice on how to start making Nightfall armor?

    I plan on using Eva foam for making it but I have some things I would like to know on in order to know how to do it, such as how to know how to cut out the foam so that when I connect it all, it works, how to get the proportions right, you know, the basics Here’s a picture of the armor in case...
  5. Jack Socal

    ODST Cosplay build process

    I'm about to start building my first ever halo cosplay! I'm gonna be making the Rookie from ODST. But I'm having trouble with the pepakura files because my mac can't open them, is there any place I can get just the ready to print PDF templates?
  6. StereoSolution

    First ODST foam build need help!

    Hello, Ive been a huge halo fan since I could walk and Ive always wanted to create armor from the series. Well with the new outpost event coming up I want to try to attend it with some armor. Ive so far made my ODST helmet from the DFT template but im really wanting to make a suit with more...
  7. P

    How to make or buy Halo 3: ODST Helmet Visor?

    So I am in the process of gathering the materials for making a EVA foam ODST armor set. Specifically from Halo 3:ODST. However the one main thing I am failing to find anything about is how to make or obtain the visor piece. Since the visor is not one flat shape (like Spartan 2 Visors are), not...
  8. Alexb240303

    Making a Helljumper Helmet and Need help on the Visor

    Hey, I'm pretty new to this site and stumbled upon it while researching good Halo props and stuff. I am making a Helljumper Helmet (basically an ODST helmet for Spartans). I am 3D printing the base of the helmet, and I am not sure what to do for the visor. I have some high-quality sheets of...
  9. P

    Reach robotic arm pdo

    Hi im new to all this but im looking to make a prostetic robot arm i can wear for my halo cosplays. I looked through the armory but couldnt find anything (i could have missed something) but id really dig some help thanks guys!
  10. StarWolfStudios

    Halo Legends: Dr. Halsey (Cosplanning and Progress)

    Hey everyone! I'm very new to Halo Cosplay, so I figured I would want to start with something relatively easy and comfortable to wear. BUT, I also wanted something equally eye-catching and cool. I have heard that "soft suit" characters are rarely seen in this cosplaying community, Halsey being...
  11. Nobulus Prime

    Looking for Buck's ODST helmet Attachment file

    I just got access to a 3D printer so I was gonna make Buck's comm link but I can't find the file anywhere. I know there used to be a pepakura file for it in the archive, but I downloaded it and it's no longer there. I've scowered the internet, looking for either a pep file I can convert to an...
  12. G

    Request: Convert H3 Marine Armor from PDO to STL

    Does anyone think they can help me convert the H3 armor found here from PDO to STL? Vrogy's files are great but I'd rather be able to 3D print but sadly my computer can barely handle converting files to gcode. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  13. E

    ODST WIP - Need Help

    Hello, first post! I've recently made my first ever helmet, and attached images to this thread. I was wondering what the easiest way to fill in the cracks and make it seem smooth is? I live in the UK so any suggestions of what to buy or where to buy would be really helpful! Thanks in advance...
  14. Ray Vadam

    I need guide

    Hi, everyone! I'm a new member and I'm a little lost in here. I discovered this site a lot of time ago but it hasn't being right now when I finally decided to jump in and join to the community. One of my greatest dreams in my life is cosplaying like Master Chief and I really hope you guys can...
  15. SilentHunter 14

    Hello and i need help :/

    hey guys! i have recently created my first own ODST armor using the DFT Templates. I really like the armor but is it really considered ODST due to some major differences to the original? And my next project will be attempting the Halo 3 ODST armor using the Armory resources..but here comes the...
  16. Torayes

    Reducing Polygons for Pepakura

    Im starting on my first pepakura armor build and I decided to do the helmet first. I'm doing the halo 5 recon helmet and when I open the game file in pep it has about 3000 polygons which is just too many to handle. I figured I could just pop into blender and reduce the number of polygons but...
  17. Nobulus Prime

    Can't Find Working Link to Kirrou ODST Files

    All the links for Kirrou's center plate pepakura file are all dead. I'm hoping someone out there has a working link to it.
  18. HaloHunterChief

    What Should I Make

    well i have been thinking for a while and cannot decide on what to do next and i thought it might be fun for you guys to decide
  19. RagtagVenom

    Prep Time! About to Build!

    Thanks to the awesome PerniciousDuke; I’ve got the Foam Files for the Hellcat Armor in my grasp, I’m gonna get cracking on the build but I need aaaaaany last minute tips, tricks and advice to get the job done the right way the first time around. Against my better judgement I’m gonna be using...
  20. RagtagVenom

    Higher Req Drops

    Hey guys I’m currently sporting the Gamestop Energy Sword; debating picking up a boomco magnum just to say I have a Sidearm and I’ve got a Resin Knife that I got from Hitbox. My question is, where and how much I can track down a higher quality Energy Sword, a Halo 5 variation of the ODST...
  21. RagtagVenom

    The Foam-I-est Foam to Ever Foam

    So getting back into building, I remember now that the original foam I’ve been working with; Walmart and Harbor Freight EVA; and be regarded to as, well, poop. So I’m putting out the suggestion call, what’s the spiciest foam a crafter can get their grubby mitts on and how much is it gonna...
  22. RagtagVenom

    Foam File Conversion

    Hey there, I’m trying this again, so I’ll get to the point. Between my lack of experience, lack of effective equipment, and busy work schedule; I can not properly adjust pepakura files to foam, I tried, I can’t do it. I plan to get experience at another time with someone actually helping me out...
  23. LuckyTux

    Can anyone help me convert a .pdo file to an .obj?

    Hey! I recently got my hands on this AMAZING custom weapon from My Hero Academia that I want to use in my next cosplay for Halo; however. I don't have Pepakura with a key to transfer it. Does anyone have a copy with a key that can quickly export it as an .obj? In return, they can keep a copy of...
  24. RagtagVenom

    Tips for Converting Pep Files to Foam

    This should be the last struggle-help post I make for a while; at least I hope so anyways. Basically my issue is; I found the pep files for the armor I want to craft; Hellcat to be precise. Halo 5: Guardians - MJOLNIR GEN2 - Hellcat My issue is I wanna build it out of Foam and these are Pep...
  25. Sword Breaker

    Tips of improving armour needed

    Its been a long time lads! Every now and then I see a halo cosplayer in a facebook group and I remember I still want to finish my outfit... So lately i've been thinking a lot about it, leading me to actually feel worse about what I have completed so far. My example for this will be my Recon...