1. Mysticporo

    A New Spartan in Town. (Updating Progress)

    So Hiya! Guess I’ll start with an Introduction my name Mysticporo people usally shorten it to Mystic or Poro whatever people decide is fine with me, Anyhow I'm a Fan of Halo as many of you are, I usually run around Virtual Reality as a Spartan and well for some reason I don't feel like myself if...
  2. QueenBHartigan

    Introduction and Sean Bradley ODST build

    Hello there! I’m Bella! (She/her) I’ve been a halo fan since I was around 12-13, and have spent the last decade learning and teaching myself in cosplay. Joining groups such as Joker Squad UK, making friends in the Rebel Legion, 501st, R2 Builder’s club. Now I think about it, mainly in the Star...