1. OJ102

    Hand to Forarm Joint

    Hey there, I'm in the process of building an Iron Man Mark 50 Suit, im working my way through modifying the templates and building it with low density foam, adapting them until perfect then making them in High Density foam. I've hit a snag however and thought someone else might have a work...
  2. OJ102

    Iron Man Mark 50 custom version

    Hey there, I thought id share a progression story of my first build. A mark 50 Iron Man suit. Its a thin shell design with a LOT of surface details to fight with. A year ago i started working with pepakura as a hobby after an opperation and for 9 months successfully failed to produce a single...
  3. OJ102

    How to detail armour

    Hi there I'm working my way through the pitfalls of pepakura and have come to a situation that has stalled my creativity, detailing in the foam! I'm trying to love my work but it's just so untidy and I cant see how its mean to be done! The first image is the template and it shows the...
  4. Tony stark

    Ironman pepakura helmet files

    I need help i dont find the dungbeetle ironman pepakura helmet file unfolded by MrOreo123 all links i found are broken did someone owns the file and can send it vi email? My email is