1. SpicyMcTuna

    jackal cosplay

    So I’m new here and this is my first thread so idk if I’m doing this right but anyways I have started working on a jackal cosplay(halo 4 version) and I’ve just gotten started on the head but I had a couple questions. I was wondering what i should use as an undersuit and if there is any files...
  2. Saber

    Saber's Halo Reach Skirmisher

    It's been a long time lurking, but I'm back at it again with my Covenant Shenanigans. You've seen the Hunter, Engineer, and Brute, now time for something a little more... manageable. But still to-scale! This project I'm taking on will be the Murmillo rank Skirmisher. Y'know, the dudes that...