kelly 087

  1. ODCA

    Halo legends kelly (child size)

    I recently got commissioned to build kelly's halo legends/the package armor for a child I'll be using the master chief forward unto dawn pepakura files, since they're pretty similar, and i'm not doing a very detailed build, to adjust to the client's budget and deadline (3 weeks) I also used...
  2. ImmortalReaver

    Foam Kelly-087 Build

    Here's my progress on my Kelly build. I got the Boots, Shins, and Thighs mostly done. The boots still need a couple minor additions and they all still need to be cleaned up with kwik seal and a dremel. First almost full leg suit up. Feels good man. The boots have this super thicc foam in...
  3. brkiker

    Spartan Fred and Kelly Build

    Hey guys. I've decided to begin building my wife and I's Spartan armor, and we've decided to do Fred-104 and Kelly-087. I'll be posting things here as I go, but I'll also be doing video logs. Today we begin with an intro into Armorsmith Designer. Let me know what you think.
  4. RTX SYDNEY 2017

    RTX SYDNEY 2017