1. CplYapFlip

    Soft Parts Serin Osman/Halo 4 Officer Quick Build

    Y'all remember livejournal days? because current music: Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande So the whirlwind of the secret LA event happened, and knowing we'd be flying down I didn't want to contemplate the logistics of flying with my spartan (who's still going through upgrades) so I racked my...
  2. jimcush

    Lasky Officer Jacket Build - Halo: Waypoint Edition

    Hi everyone! I'm in the process of having a custom Lasky jacket created for me - Emulating the one on display at Outpost Discovery A friend (Drajbuky )'s mother is a heckova seamstress! SO here's the progress thus far: FYI: Start of the project --> 6'2", 249lbs 1. She took my measurements &...