1. onmi shift

    Halo reach marine WIP

    Well I was apart the 405th in the early years. Lost the old account and created a new one in 2012. Been busy with life, but I'm back. Getting ready for megacon in Orlando. Working on my halo reach marine armor(dont see many of those). It will be a mixture or foam, 3d printed, and good old...
  2. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard's Halo Reach CQB Build Log

    Let's start off with the fun thing about this thread, it's the first actual in progress Halo themed costume thread I've done and I'm what? 650 messages and two years into this account? No big deal... The plan is simple, do a bit of 3D design, do a bit of foamsmithing and a bit of sewing until...
  3. Lasrig

    Props Halo Reach M45 Tactical Shotgun WIP

    Hey everyone! I haven't been posting much on here, but I'm going to try and post more! The current project is the M45 Tactical Shotgun from Halo Reach. My plan is: (will update as I go) 3D print individual parts Sand each part smooth Glue everything together Sand/ bondo/ spot putty Wet sand...