3dprinted M6C SOCOM Files by SkookumProps


    3dprinted M6C SOCOM Files by SkookumProps
  3. HALO Reach M6G

    HALO Reach M6G

    3d printed M6G Files by SkookumProps
  4. Reach Magnum (Work in progress)

    Reach Magnum (Work in progress)

    Assembled a Pepakura file using PVC board and Polystyrene sheets. Rubberband powered slide and removable magazines.
  5. jegatherdomnai

    magnum pistol template

    this is my first homemade template and it may / may not be the best
  6. tahu505

    Chrome gold CE Magnum

    So the current rolls of PLA+ I have don't have enough filament in them for the armor pieces I was going to make so instead here's a new small side project! Halo CE magnum that I'm going to paint chrome gold inspired by the gold magnum skin in MCC CE multiplayer! I'm going to be 3D printing the...
  7. ConnorCreator

    Props Finished reach magnum

    Just finished my reach magnum! She’s not perfect but I’m happy with how it came out, 3D printed it one of my printers! Thanks to Asgardianhammer for the manufacturer label decals!
  8. PokProps

    Building a Magnum Kit.

    Back in November during the extra life livestream, I won a M6C Socom magnum kit. and with all the ups and downs with delivery since then, it has arrived to my place and I've already played with it more than I have finishing it. But here is a list of what I have done. removing remaining supports...
  9. TomKazinsky

    I made a Magnum for Halo Infinite

    Quick fun project: I decided to try and design a Magnum for Halo Infinite, as a personal challenge. It's an evolution from the design of the Halo 5 gun.It retains some of the key elements from the M6H2, but this one is way more simple in some parts, and overall has a "bulkier" feeling.I added...
  10. ArBiTeR1400

    My first halo props; BR55 & M6D.

    Wasn't entirely sure to put em here or under the new recruit section since they're more professional looking. Sorry, all I got is my bad phone camera, since my lazy brother won't help me with his proper cameras :lol: . Anyway here are my props that I built last year (more in my albums). Built...
  11. PastaMasta9

    Custom Made - Factory Issue - Magnum - Nickname: "Pierre"

    ANOTHER custom weapon model I had made. But the only difference is less used models to make the gun unique. Inspiration for this model was actually taken from Titanfall's RE- 45 assault pistol as well as the smart pistol.
  12. Yelectric

    Props CE magnum build, airsoft blowback, 3D printed

    Aight, the HALO CE magnum was the first thing I ever tried to model 5 years ago in solidworks. I gave it another shot and CAD’d a 4 piece shell, plus trigger, slide locks, magazine, and magazine release over a weekend. My printer burned down but after I got sent a new one last month, I finally...
  13. CoolRextreme

    Props So I got a 3D printer last week

    3 days in Blender later... A pistol? Not just ANY pistol... It's pistol with a WORKING slide and removable magazine + accessories. Did I mention its the M6B Magnum? But seriously. I have spend 3 days looking at the same side/front/back picture of the Halo Reach...
  14. J

    How to working slide on halo magnum

    Step 1 cut a small rectangle into where you want your slide to rest. Step 2: cut a small rod (I used plastic coat hanger ) Step 3: Line up your slide peices and mark where the rod will go than cut a small circle out Step 4: glue one side to the rod once dry slide the rod with the one side...
  15. PlanetAlexander

    Props Firing Halo CE Magnum

    Over on the RPF, I started a thread on a firing Halo CE Magnum, built from the Nerf Firestrike Elite. Because this is the 405th, I thought people might be interested to see it. Firing Halo CE Magnum Replica I've been collecting resources from CE and putting them there as well. PS. If this is...
  16. CollinMcCaf

    M6C Magnum (H2)

    Wanna see more? Be sure to check out CollinMcCaf's Model Repository! This model is available for download through the link above! Surprise everyone, here's what I've been working on ever since I uploaded the MA5C! I couldn't find a good M6C model so I made one myself. As usual, its as accurate...
  17. RagtagVenom

    Props Higher Req Drops

    Hey guys I’m currently sporting the Gamestop Energy Sword; debating picking up a boomco magnum just to say I have a Sidearm and I’ve got a Resin Knife that I got from Hitbox. My question is, where and how much I can track down a higher quality Energy Sword, a Halo 5 variation of the ODST...
  18. SomeGuyNamedTom

    Halo 3 ODST SOCOM Magnum Pepakura File?

    Hi, I'm just looking for the pepakura file for the SOCOM magnum. The link to it on the pepakura file index has expired or something, so I'd like to see if anyone has it themselves. Thanks in advance and sorry if you came to this thread thinking I had it.
  19. IronWolf

    Props Ma37 Assault rifle/M6G Magnum Showcase

    A little showcase of my work. Mostly made of ply wood and body filler for smoothening along with some PVC piping. Some minor touch ups are still in process this what i got so far. Hope you all enjoy.
  20. mike bike

    Props Weekend build, Magnum

    Magnum by mike bike posted May 7, 2017 at 10:12 PM Weekend build Used foam board I had laying around. Getting better at this. Glued the foam board together first then cut out the shape
  21. LordSloth

    Props My Halo 5 Boomco Blasters repainted and mounted on REQ Card backgrounds

    Over the past months, I've been grabbing some of the boomco blasters and modeling them up to look like some of the REQ's in Halo 5. Then I had the idea to paint a canvas like the REQ Card and mount the guns to the canvas. Here are the results below: Here's a look at all 4 of the guns...