1. becks

    Mandalorian Pre-Beskar Build

    Just some progress pics of my Mandalorian season 1 pre-beskar build! Printed on an Ender 5. Started with the 8 piece helmet. All glued together. Started filling with wood filler - do not recommend. Sanded Smooth: Chrome painted: Didnt like the chome so went with graphite powder...
  2. SecretJedi0321

    Unfold Help Needed - Dark Trooper Helmet

    I have this Dark Trooper Helmet 3D model that needs to manually unfolded in Pepakura so it can be assembled with EVA foam. The Auto-Unfold creates some really weird shapes. I'm new to Pepakura and cosplay in general. Could I get some help? I've attached a photo below and can attach the model later.
  3. MoeSizzlac

    The Mandalorian

    This is the first suit where I was using a lot of other peoples designs to finish. Here's the links to all the files that I used: Helmet Forearms - Left - Right Shoulders, Hand Shields, Jetpack (There were mine) Right Leg Belt Mine Holder Detonators Cartridges Sling Rifle Clip So let's start...