1. Osina

    Halo 1 Marine cosplay

    Since I have a plasma grenade %50 done right now I have started on some Marine armor. I’m going to post updates here as things continue on. The one in the last picture on the right is a little larger compared to the one on the left. That’s not intended but I need to see what looks best on me...
  2. Marine Group at Outpost: Chicago

    Marine Group at Outpost: Chicago

  3. Reach Marine Profile

    Reach Marine Profile

  4. Reach Marine

    Reach Marine

  5. HeroMinerR5

    Halo Eva Foam Marine

    I am working on this Marine armor for a church project and I think it will turn out pretty well when done with it
  6. D

    3D Printed HALO Marine using Kryptek Mandrake

    Hi All, Firstly I am by no means an expert in any of this. I have just purchased my first 3D Printer which is still boxed at home right now as I don't finish deployment for another few weeks lol. Having said that I have decided to take the below picture 3D animate it and then strip apart the...
  7. onmi shift

    Halo reach marine WIP

    Well I was apart the 405th in the early years. Lost the old account and created a new one in 2012. Been busy with life, but I'm back. Getting ready for megacon in Orlando. Working on my halo reach marine armor(dont see many of those). It will be a mixture or foam, 3d printed, and good old...
  8. G

    Request: Convert H3 Marine Armor from PDO to STL

    Does anyone think they can help me convert the H3 armor found here from PDO to STL? Vrogy's files are great but I'd rather be able to 3D print but sadly my computer can barely handle converting files to gcode. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  9. G

    Looking for 3D printable H2A Marine Armor

    Does anyone have .stl or .obj files for the H2A Marine armor? Sadly I'm not good enough yet to make them nor is my computer good enough to really effectively 3D model.
  10. TooBlue

    My first foam build - Marine Corps

    Hi, I’ve been looking around this group for quite a while, and I’ve comtemplated on building either an ODST or Spartan suit. After some consideration, I’ve decided to start with the Marine Corps, just so I get the gist of everything. I’m using Andrew DFT’s templates, which is a godsend. I went...
  11. Hakuru15

    Anyone has any pdo files on a Starcraft BroodWar classic Marine armour?

    Hey guys in the future I'm planning to try and do something non-halo and want to try and make my very own classic starcraft marine armor, the classic starcraft art style has always been one of my favorites growing up as a kid. The cosplays I've seen now from the Starcraft community is mostly...
  12. OTSDerpy

    Halo 3/MLP, Marine/Royal Celestial Guard Helmet...

    So...A con by the name of "Ponyville Ciderfest" is coming in October and this really means something to me; this was one of the first cons that I ever went to and I wanted to show my appreciation by making a helmet for a charity event. will post more pics as it progresses. Also, sorry if I seem...
  13. Swinly

    HALO CE marine armor (with 100% more textures)

    Hello everyone, I have spent a the past few weeks putting this together. This is similar to the CE Sargent hat that I made. Note it is not built but I plan on building for next years Comi-Con. I have attempted to build Garlens version but found it over sized and bulky. I have used the in game...
  14. Masky

    3 week Halo 3 marine pilot build

    The idea We all know everybody wants to be a strong Spartan and all but on cons, with a booth, I found its kinda clumsy to be in armor and protect props at the same time. By the end of 2017 I got the idea to replace my damaged, worn out Halo Reach Spartan with a lighter marine suit and join our...
  15. HaloHunterChief

    Halo CE Marine costume speed run

    I am planning to make a marine costume to where for Halloween well actually I a week after Halloween cause the neighbourhood I live in having Halloween on 7th of November so I was shooting for a halo 3 masterchief armor but didn't have enough time so I decided to go with the quickest thing I...
  16. Art Andrews

    Halo: Combat Evolved - UNSC Marine 1.1

    This is a comprehensive zip file including numerous files from multiple artists. Contents of zip-file: halo-ce-unsc-marine-chest.pdo Modeler: Bungie Unfolder: Garland halo-ce-unsc-marine-forearm.pdo Modeler: Bungie Unfolder: Garland halo-ce-unsc-marine-helmet.pdo Modeler: Bungie Unfolder...