mark 6

  1. Russett

    Russett Mark 6 build

    Got back into cosplay building. Going to finish a build that sat on the shelf for years. The goal is September. Going to start a new thread on it. more confident now in the in the skills required to take on this task. Unfortunately cant remember who the model is by, but did a little more detail...
  2. jegatherdomnai

    making my 6th costume! this is going to be a pain in the butt

    ok, i'm doing something I never thought I would do, I am making and entire costume from pepping, today I will be picking up some cardstock, quick question: could I use five minute epoxy to coat my pepp? i would rather not pay 30$ for a bunch of fiberglass. I'll be making a halo 4 master chief...
  3. Apeiron

    Mark 6 - First build - Trying to fit in

    Alright, guys, strap in, the adventure begins! And you are gonna be my company, so we all can laugh at my insane skills regarding crafting, modifying patterns, not choking on my own saliva, basically anything. Since I have not managed to find anybody from Czech republic here, you may as well...
  4. Mobius1ac

    1st Build My First Armor Build

    So I have recently started my first Pepakura Armor build. I've always wanted to make a set of Halo armor, but only recently came about doing it. When finished, I plan to have a full set of Halo 3 Mjolnir Mk VI. I have decided to start documenting and posting my progress
  5. Rusty 714

    Halo 3 red spartan build

    Hey guys! This is my first cosplay ever! I have been looking around here for a while (you guys are awsome btw) and I finally decided what character I wanted to be! Simmons from Red V Blue! Originally I was going to do an elite but I realized that's way harder than a spartan with all the stilts...