mark iv

  1. maccrawinthejaw

    MJOLNIR Mark IV custom (Halo Wars/Halo Wars 2)

    I'm not sure if this is the right spot for newcomers to post their builds - I did look around to see if I could figure out the best possible spot, but this seemed like the right spot so here goes nothin'. So I've been a fan of Halo pretty much the moment my dad let me play his copy of Combat...
  2. Lieutenant Jaku

    Halo wars Mk IV armor

    MY files Mjolnir MK. IV - Download - 4shared - lieutenant Jaku armor picture status report Part progress stage helmet 1 (Mk IV) - 0% helmet 2 (Mk V) - 50% fiber-glassing chest- 30 % gluing optional halo reach...
  3. Noodle109

    Starting from scratch?

    Due to the lack of responses on my previous post, I'm going to try something more relevant for all categories. Where do you start if there's no templates, 3d models, or even YouTube videos on the set you plan on making? There's so many ODST, mjolnir, and recon templates floating around online...
  4. Noodle109

    Still need MK IV ideas

    After disappearing for months, I'm looking to make another couple ODST sets as practice, but my MK IV will have to be made from scratch. I'll be starting with drawings and cardboard templates, which will be folded into actual pieces and tried on for size. Should I keep the folding idea when I...
  5. tomboy


    Issued November 27, 2525, the Mjolnir Mark IV exoskeleton , weighing in at half a ton, features an outer layer of multilayer alloy plates with a refractive coating to disperse energy weapon attacks over intermeshed layers of matte-black metal. The gel filled layer underneath contains...