mass effect

  1. Pareeeee

    Mass Effect - Female Turian Cosplay

    Original Mass Effect female Turian character cosplay. Almost everything is made from foam. Here are the progress pics for the mask plus some photos of the finished, full cosplay. First, a paper test from some plans made in graphic design software Glass Cabochons as eyes. Painted...
  2. thatdamnjodie

    Building FemShep

    Progress Helmet --- 95%, needs visor and paint Torso --- 25% Shoulders/Biceps --- 99%, needs paint Gauntlets --- 50%, yet to finish right gauntlet Handplates --- 0%, not started Abdomen/soft part --- 0%, not started Belt --- 95%, needs paint Thighs --- 0%, not started Shins --- 0%, not started...
  3. zhanye

    some projects Im working on

    I've been working on a number of projects and heres some of them
  4. Manu

    (Not Halo related) The fate of Mass Effect Andromeda

    So, for those of you who didn`t know this: It was now announced that Mass Effect Andromeda won`t be getting any singleplayer support from now on only after five months after it`s release this march. They just said that story related stuff will be brought to us through Multiplayer missions...
  5. Manu

    (Non- Halo- Section) Any Mass Effect interested Cosplayers here ?

    Since we sadly don`t have a forum directly focused on Mass Effect Costumes and Props, (please correct me if im wrong) i decided to see if there are any Mass Effect intereseted Cosplayers present. Right now i am working on further improving my Halo Reach armor but when i am done, i am planning to...
  6. zigzwag

    Garrus EVA build (Pictures)

    Hello all Zigzwag props here! Before I get into things I would like to post up my affiliated pages. Feel free to follow along with all my Cosplay Shenanigans there :) Zigzwag Props & Armor Joseph Donald Clairmont (@zigzwagprops) • Instagram photos and videos Anyways, This project has been...