master chief cosplay

  1. Hoddski

    Halo 4/5 Master Chief [Pepakura and Bondo Build]

    Hey Everyone, This will be my third go at the Halo 4/5 Chief suit. I was originally going to do it with foam again but I said screw it, I'm going to push myself as much as I can. I started this back in December. I am going to a convention up in Timmins to be a celebrity guest cosplayer! First...
  2. Forearms done!  (Jan 24, 2022)

    Forearms done! (Jan 24, 2022)

    Printing helmet while remodeling bicep {got noodles for arms}
  3. Legs done! (Jan 20, 2022)

    Legs done! (Jan 20, 2022)

    Sorry for posting these all on the same day, I joined 405th after these were taken
  4. Legs Mostly Done ((Jan 18, 2022))

    Legs Mostly Done ((Jan 18, 2022))

    Just gotta weather one thigh and do the next
  5. Shins and stuff (Jan 13, 2022)

    Shins and stuff (Jan 13, 2022)

    Finished printing and sanding the feet + shins + cod
  6. IMG_20220106_181329_268.jpg


    Start of a new project! (Jan 6, 2022)

    1st Build Halo Infinite Master Chief (3D print build)

    I just found out that these forums existed, so I thought that I might chime in and show off what my printers have been working on =) EDIT: The files I am using are from the Galactic Armory page on Etsy.
  8. Hoddski

    Halo 4/5 Master Chief Foam Build

    This will be my third time making this suit again, I made this suit about 5 years ago for Fan Expo Toronto, I was supposed to be a cosplay guest for Timmins Comic-con back in April 2020 with my friend Mike Wojtas. Obviously Covid said no to that so it was rescheduled to April 2022, went to try...
  9. kschlege

    1st Build Master Chief Gen 2 Armor

    I should start with a little backstory. For the past year I have started liking different types of armor, mainly sci-fi and powered armors. I've always known about Halo but haven't been interested in FPS games. I downloaded MCC a year ago and have played half of the Reach campaign, half of the...
  10. The Tiny Geek

    Foam TTG Halo Infinite Chief Build

    Figured I should make this thread to track and show my progress on the new suit. This is the second Spartan suit I’ve made and my first big build using foam pepakura. I’m using Heroes Workshop files for the build, they’re $20 but I give him business since he does great unfolds and tutorials...
  11. TylerBH2014

    Pepakura HALO Infinite Master Chief Fore Arm build - (My first pepakura build)

    This is my first time using pepakura, but it is not my first time making a cosplay. I've used foam and cardboard, and now I'm trying something different. I am using templates provided by ShaneDark, who's templates look very accurate in my opinion. And instead of using card-stock, I am...