master chief

  1. sax092

    making my 6th costume! this is going to be a pain in the butt

    ok, i'm doing something I never thought I would do, I am making and entire costume from pepping, today I will be picking up some cardstock, quick question: could I use five minute epoxy to coat my pepp? i would rather not pay 30$ for a bunch of fiberglass. I'll be making a halo 4 master chief...
  2. Waltimusprime

    Foam Master chief infinite build

    Haven’t posted much over the years so I figured I’d do better and start being active on here to network with my fellow builders more. I got heroes workshop (stefano/stealth) templates and I’ve used a couple of moesizzlac files and the helmet was originally a sonner file but I sculpted over it...
  3. Hoddski

    Halo 4/5 Master Chief Foam Build

    This will be my third time making this suit again, I made this suit about 5 years ago for Fan Expo Toronto, I was supposed to be a cosplay guest for Timmins Comic-con back in April 2020 with my friend Mike Wojtas. Obviously Covid said no to that so it was rescheduled to April 2022, went to try...
  4. Leahfeaster

    Debuted Cortana Cosplay

    So Gundam Cortana is still in the works, but I bit the bullet and bought a Cortana jumpsuit. I debuted her at Washington State Summer Con. And I was surprised at how much a hit she was, especially with little girls. It was awesome. Still need to learn to model for her, but I’m getting there
  5. batzychief117

    Halo Infinite Master Chief GEN III Mjolnir Armor

    Hello Spartans This is my first armor and i hope you guys can get some technics out of this thread, cheers! So the first step for me is gettin the measurements right so the armorsmith program got my back, im 6´1 and hopely get some extra inches when the boots are done. I got the files from...
  6. kschlege

    1st Build Master Chief Gen 2 Armor

    I should start with a little backstory. For the past year I have started liking different types of armor, mainly sci-fi and powered armors. I've always known about Halo but haven't been interested in FPS games. I downloaded MCC a year ago and have played half of the Reach campaign, half of the...
  7. Kabelbinder

    Halo MJOLNIR Mark V helmet next steps

    Hi! This helmet is my second attempt and Im finally satisfied with the result. Now I’m quite lost and don’t know what to do now to harden it. What do I have to do now and is the helmet looking ok?
  8. Hollowknight0

    3D Printed Master Chief (Halo 4/5)

    Update Helmet: Finished Forearms: Printed Gloves: Finished Shoulders: Printed Cod piece: Printing Butt plate: Printed Shins: Printed Thighs: Sliced Boots: Printed Chest: Sliced Elbows and Knees: printed Cod piece: Printed Hello! I had started to make Master Chief back in 2014. I had figured out...
  9. shaneDark515


    Hi friends I come to show you my halo helmet, made with pepakura, fiberglass, I still need to make the thermoformed viewer, I do not have photos of the process
  10. The Tiny Geek

    Foam TTG Halo Infinite Chief Build

    Figured I should make this thread to track and show my progress on the new suit. This is the second Spartan suit I’ve made and my first big build using foam pepakura. I’m using Heroes Workshop files for the build, they’re $20 but I give him business since he does great unfolds and tutorials...
  11. TylerBH2014

    Pepakura HALO Infinite Master Chief Fore Arm build - (My first pepakura build)

    This is my first time using pepakura, but it is not my first time making a cosplay. I've used foam and cardboard, and now I'm trying something different. I am using templates provided by ShaneDark, who's templates look very accurate in my opinion. And instead of using card-stock, I am...
  12. NachoPipps

    1st Build Halo 4 and infinite Master Chief build

    Hi, I am very new to foam working and this is my first big project. I am very open to criticisms and any tips or helpful advice for the future and I'll gladly share what little knowledge I have learned thus far. All pieces are made of foam and I'm using 1/2 inch thick foam mats with a smaller...
  13. BigDaveActual

    EVA/Fiberglass Hybrid Master Chief Build

    Howdy! Lost the info for my old account so here I am on the new one! Just wanted to share my first armor build with y'all! I don't have many pics of the build process but I collected all I could. This build was about 3-4 years ago. THE BUILD: I made the base out of EVA and painted it but...
  14. sax092

    Halo Mark VI master chief Armour Build (starting up)

    now I made a costume of what I thought master chief should look like in the halo game after halo infinite but, I haven't made halo 4/5 master chief so anyway, I decided to make it
  15. sfritts10

    Halo Infinite - Mark VI Gen III Build

    Hey guys! Long-time fan, mid-time lurker, short-time builder. Figured I'd go ahead and start a WIP thread on my Halo Infinite build, I'll be posting my resources + crediting modelers when needed and such on here. Can't wait to finally be one of you guys (with more than a Disguise Ultra Prestige...
  16. BigMoney911

    Spray Paint - MOLOTOW brand? Enamel vs Acrylic for Foam?

    Hey team, almost finished my Halo CE Build. I'm looking for the right shade of Green. I'm in NZ so I don't have access to Kryolan, and Rustoleum is limited. Luckily, the local Art Store has a tonne of spraypaint available in the MOLOTOW Range, which is specifically marketed towards Graffiti...
  17. ODCA

    Foam Combat Evolved Anniversary Mk.V Foam armor build (with pepakura files!)

    I recently sold my halo 2 MK VI armor, and I've been planning to build a new one now, I'm totally in love with infinite's armor (both Chief's and the multiplayer's Mark VII), but I'd rather wait for more accurate files and reference material once the game is released so, instead of building a...
  18. V

    Where to begin again, Pepakura to Foam

    Hi All, I've gotten amazing advice here before and I'm in need again. I started on a Master Chief armour build over a year ago and I had to take a break from it for quite a while. I got to the point that I've cut out and assembled the entire armour through Pepakura in card stock to make sure it...
  19. CaminusPrime

    Caminus Prime's INFINITE Masterchief Build <WIP>

    Hey all! I'm posting here as I think I'm far enough into getting my halo infinite Masterchief build ready to start posting about it! If you haven't seen my builds before I build primarily with Pepakura using the paper and fiberglass method! I also throw in vacuum forming, 3D printing and a few...
  20. MoeSizzlac

    Halo Infinite - 3D Printable Files

    Update: I think I'm done - Halo Infinite - Master Chief Inspired Armor Set - No visor by moesizzlac Hello all, I was working with marinesniper on trying to make PDO's from a file by Jonty Schmidt on Youtube. Jonty made a nice model of Master Chief in Blender. In the middle of trying to turn...
  21. ZiggyGrimm

    1st Build ZiggyGrimm's Halo Infinite Build - Fiberglass/ Carbonfiber Over Foam

    Spartans and Civilians (and everyone in between)! Welcome to my terrifyingly ambitious first Halo build. This summer (and beyond) I'll be building a non-canon Spartan suit based on the upcoming Halo Infinite game. This thread is going to be an overview of the whole process! It can also serve as...
  22. Spiderboy196

    First Halo Build

    This is my first time making a spartan outfit. Its very very time consuming but it worth it though. I have already done about half of the armor and soon gonna finish it this week. I have photos of what i have already done.
  23. Crusader1080

    Bringing out to the field after a long year of building

    Project duration: September 2018 to December 2019 (15 months) Construction method: Pepakura with Epoxy resin Photo taken: 20 & 21 December 2019 Photo credit: @arifdale from Instagram Photo taken during Comic Fiesta 2019 at KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  24. Caleb Ellis

    Props Master Chief CE Build (with mods!)

    My brother and I are making a Halo CE version of the Master Chief, and we have plans for many cool add ons. We have much of it made on paper from Armorsmith, and upon finding fiberglass very expensive, we used papier mache'. I will attached photos below as we get each part finished. Some of the...
  25. D

    Foam Anyone has the files or 3d model of robert 0-25

    So I absolutely fell in love with Roberts art design but I can’t seem to find anything online, any help would be appreciated