1. Scarlet Impaler

    Halo CE Master Chief build thread!

    Beginning my next build - OG Master Chief! The original, Dreamcast-looking one. Its going to be a mix between 3D printing and eva foam. Starting with the helmet and some color testing. Helmet file is MoeSizzlac . Going to sand it all down this weekend. I also did some color testing... Not...
  2. PokProps

    Pok's Halo Infinite Master Chief Build

    The time has come ladies and gentlemen, I finally started printing the armor for Master chief. as of now I only have one piece done, But I will be updating this thread as I get full pieces done. But here is your guys' sneak peek
  3. commanderwyro

    Finished Halo Infinite Chief Armor

    7 months of 3d printing, sanding and painting and the chief build is finished. currently weathering it and getting some final things finished like padding. gotta say im so damn happy with how it turned out.
  4. The Makyr

    Halo Infinite GEN III Master Chief MK VI/ VII

    So I’m finally making another build thread and I hope I get to update this. I’ll be starting master chief’s Gen III armor from Halo Infinite. Though official files aren’t accessible, i will just try to work the best files I can and modify them. Here’s some torso progress and I’ve also...