1. CPO mendez

    Props "I Need A Weapon" - CnC Props For Mold Making and Casting [VOTE INSIDE]

    Hello 405th! i'm back with another prop project for y'all! this one will have more community involvement, more pictures, and more advanced tech! So, to start, this entire project came around because my University (previously featured in my 3D Printed Props thread) gave me access to this A B S...
  2. TheSafariMan

    Props Halo 3 Turret (AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun)

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to share a project I worked on over the summer, in the form of a Halo 3 Turret! Always thought it would be cool to have one of these, and after watching a video on YouTube by William Jakespeare on how to make a working Gatling gun I thought the same idea can be applied...