1. BAG

    1st Build UNSC Air Force Pararescue ODST

    Long time lurker and noob of the 405th here. I have always wanted to build an ODST costume since I first saw them as a child in Halo 2 and now planned on putting a little bit of my own flavor into it, however I had never done any spray painting, sanding, or stenciling work at all. My thoughts...
  2. JulioAndy

    1st Build ODST Corpsman/Medic

    Hello, this is my first Halo build thread. I've never worked in foam before so I am going to try and make an ODST out of sintra(minus the helmet) and we'll see how it turns out together. I have a few pictures of what I've completed so far but there is still much to do. C&C welcome.