1. Rinzlerr

    Build thread - Chorizo pizza from scratch

    Okay first I usually start with room temperature water about a cup to start Next I like to add some baking yeast (till it covers the top of the water) and cane sugar (about a table spoon) since its the most active with the yeast culture I could find slowly start adding flour/ and stirring/mix...
  2. ReClaimer8015

    Your favorite Halo meme? Bring it on!

    mumgoot is actually quite forward, but right: If old threads die - let them be. Do your own. So here`s mine. I would like to see if some of you share my amusement about Halo related Memes, certain folks around here obviously have an affinity to spicey gifs:D There are good Halo-Memes out there...