1. SolomonValhalla

    Journey to make Kai-125 helmet. Need to fill hollow parts from a mesh, 0% blender experience, only solidworks

    Since kid i always wanted to make a Halo armour irl. But i never had the money, experience or an adult that care about it. Now i am in a position where i can finally fulfill that dream. What armour i wanted to make was something that always change over time, but after Infinite and the Halo Tv...
  2. LuckyTux

    Can anyone help me convert a .pdo file to an .obj?

    Hey! I recently got my hands on this AMAZING custom weapon from My Hero Academia that I want to use in my next cosplay for Halo; however. I don't have Pepakura with a key to transfer it. Does anyone have a copy with a key that can quickly export it as an .obj? In return, they can keep a copy of...
  3. Mesh

    Halo 4/Freebuild Flood

    Ay so I haven't updated anything here for a while now, and as a result have this c: This is my Flood 'addon' for my ODST getup :P It's not completely finished but I'm super happy with it regardless. I started off with a scratchbuilt head template out of foam I then brought a material called...