metal armor

  1. Connor213

    1st Build Full Metal Trooper

    So, as I learn how to use the forum, I will try and document my fist build series, This will be the version 2 of my full aluminium odst! Modus operandi is to use modern molle gear as a base, so a plate carrier and other obscure equipment to make aluminium odst plates that would fit in a live...
  2. MigilVigil

    Making ODST ARMOR out of METAL (UPDATED)

    Hey everyone! Making an updated thread on the metal armor. Got most of the upper body done and I made a new YouTube video on how I made the armor. If you’ve got time to kill, please check it out and leave a like and comment :) I’m very satisfied with the redesigns and can’t wait to get more done.
  3. MigilVigil

    1st Build Making ODST Armor out of METAL

    I’m editing the post with updated pictures so you all dont have to scroll down so far to see progress. Hello everyone! As the title says, I’m making a Reach style ODST armor out of aluminum sheet metal. There’s a lot of work fabricating and welding this armor together and I think it’s coming...