military police

  1. C

    Armored Suit for Music Video

    Hello 405th. I am brand new here. I am a filmmaker from the Los Angeles area, and I am absolutely blown away by the talent in this forum. I can't believe my eyes with some of these costumes you all have made. I am producing/directing a music video next February for a popular electronic music...
  2. G

    Halo Reach MP Helmet Help

    Does anyone have an unfolded higher detail version of the MP helmet? The one in the armory is pretty good, it just looks off. I have a 3DO file I like, and I can't seem to figure out how I got it, I lack the skills or time to be able to unfold it. Any help would be great!
  3. Nadir

    Halo Reach, Military Police, Spartan 3 (First Attempt)

    Been feeling obligated to make a post since I've been using the recources, and sharing my progress elsewhere..This is (hopefully) going to be my first complete pepakura build... Based on the Spartan 3 armor seen in Halo Reach, I'm hoping to complete the Military Police Helmet with the HESA-E...