mjolnir v

  1. Spartan J114

    Spartan 114's Mjolnir MK V Armour

    How's it going everyone. I'm Spartan 114 and I've been a Halo cosplayer/prop maker for about 3 years now and I've been using the 405th website for most of my journey. I never posted anything because of my lack of quality camera, I have recently replaced my old phone with a new one and as such I...
  2. Magnus

    Looking for some help to do with sourcing a set of 3d files for an aluminium suit

    Hi, I'm looking to build myself a "real material" suit from aluminium and steel plate. I am 7"2" and will be building and welding it from aluminium and steel sheet and plate, from around 1mm - 3mm thick. I am wondering if anyone has any templates for a suit i could get plasma cut and i could...
  3. awildshannon

    Halo Reach Female Spartan

    Hey everyone! Im super new to this community! I stumbled upon the 405th when I decided to make my childhood dreams come true and make myself a set of halo armour. Hope you guys like it. I'm super proud of how it turned out. Enjoy! ____awildshannon <3