mjolnir vi

  1. MoeSizzlac

    For Sale Two - Halo 3 - Mjolnir Mark 6 ABS Printed Shins - Just pay shipping.

    Hello all, I'm looking to see if anyone needs two - Halo 3 - Mjolnir Mark 6 ABS Printed Shins. These are extras that I have as I thought they were too thin for my costume. They are scaled to me (5'10" and 185 Lbs) I'm not looking for money for them, just the cost of shipping them to you. I...
  2. Magnus

    Looking for some help to do with sourcing a set of 3d files for an aluminium suit

    Hi, I'm looking to build myself a "real material" suit from aluminium and steel plate. I am 7"2" and will be building and welding it from aluminium and steel sheet and plate, from around 1mm - 3mm thick. I am wondering if anyone has any templates for a suit i could get plasma cut and i could...