1. Installation00

    MJOLNIR working HUD

    Hey everyone, I'm Installation00, the Halo Youtuber. I'm new to the 405th but been keeping an eye on events here for a long time. Just thought I'd pop on and share a little progress update. For those who don't know, I've been putting effort into creating Halo technology in real life. I have...
  2. Holo4.jpg


    Making this, at least to my research, the only fully Titanium, MJOLNIR Helmet with fully functioning HUD systems in the world.
  3. Holo3.jpg


    Then it will be time to get the Helmet professionally printed via a DMLS Printer, in Titanium.
  4. Holo2.jpg


    The Hololens 2 fits perfectly, just have to print it in PLA first to get the fittings and fixtures right.
  5. Holo1.jpg


    Looking to fit the Hololens 2 within a MJOLNIR GEN3 helmet.
  6. mardJaderp

    Pepakura H:R MJOLNIR Cosplay

    I really want the ODST cosplay (Pepakura - H2A ODST Cosplay) to come to fruition, but its going to take awhile to set up all the files. As a backup plan, I shall work on a set of MJOLNIR armor from Reach. Luckily, unlike the ODST armor, there are files for all the pieces within 405th and out. So...
  7. Asgardianhammer

    Halo Master Chief Armor Owners Master List

    This thread is to start a list of those who own Master Chief Armor that is still in use and may be available to be called upon should the need arise for a public promotion where Chief is specifically asked for. Please list whether your armor is bought or made (list who made it if applicable)...
  8. awildshannon

    Halo Reach Female Spartan

    Hey everyone! Im super new to this community! I stumbled upon the 405th when I decided to make my childhood dreams come true and make myself a set of halo armour. Hope you guys like it. I'm super proud of how it turned out. Enjoy! ____awildshannon <3
  9. MoeSizzlac

    Master Chief - Mjolnir - Mark 6 - Halo 3 - 3D printable armor files

    Hello all, Just a generic question for those wiser than me. After an hour of searching and not coming up with results, I was wondering: Has anyone made a 3D printable set of armor files for Halo 3 Master Chief? I'd rather not re-invent the wheel if it has already been done but if it hasn't...
  10. Asgardianhammer

    Halo Reach EOD Helmet WIP

    This was for my Halo Reach Helmet project. This has multiple people involved and i was happy to mastermind its creation! Thanks to nintendstroid for the 3d modeling, Midnight Oil Props for the print, and Johnson Arms for the Signature White paint job for my show piece. All was molded and cast by...
  11. HeyYouShutUp

    Master Chief Halo 5 Armor

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could reference me to any files pertaining to the master chiefs halo 5 armor. I have searched everywhere and have not found a thing. thanks!
  12. Noodle109

    Starting from scratch?

    Due to the lack of responses on my previous post, I'm going to try something more relevant for all categories. Where do you start if there's no templates, 3d models, or even YouTube videos on the set you plan on making? There's so many ODST, mjolnir, and recon templates floating around online...
  13. Noodle109

    Still need MK IV ideas

    After disappearing for months, I'm looking to make another couple ODST sets as practice, but my MK IV will have to be made from scratch. I'll be starting with drawings and cardboard templates, which will be folded into actual pieces and tried on for size. Should I keep the folding idea when I...
  14. tomboy


    Issued November 27, 2525, the Mjolnir Mark IV exoskeleton , weighing in at half a ton, features an outer layer of multilayer alloy plates with a refractive coating to disperse energy weapon attacks over intermeshed layers of matte-black metal. The gel filled layer underneath contains...