mk vii

  1. Jetskigunner

    Jetskigunner's Mjolnir Mark VII

    For those of you who know me, I don't tend to post on the forum a lot, or really at all. But I figured I'd actually make a build thread for once. As the title suggests, I'm making a Mark VII from Infinite, thanks to 343's generous cosplay guide, I have all of the reference images I need. I'll...
  2. James

    Infinite Mk VII Armor

    Hey all! Hopefully this isn't a repost, (I couldn't find anything in the forums..) but I'm looking for 3D printable files for the Mk VII suit (like the purple and red renders we've all seen). I know MoeSizzlac has the helmet up on Thingiverse already and I have other pieces I can repurpose, but...