1. Jerverant

    Halo Wars - Mk. IV pepakura files

    Hello everyone! I've recently made an edit and reunfold of the MK.IV amor from Halo Wars: If anyone is interested,this are the files: • Bicep (foam) • Boot (foam) • Forearm (foam) • Handplate (foam) • Helmet (paper) • Shin (foam) • Pauldron (foam) • Shoulder (foam) • Thigh (foam) • Torso...
  2. Frogn

    I'm new here & search some 3D files for a mk IV Halo Wars Armor (help would be great)

    Hi, I'm new here and to cosplay, but thinging about a project. I would like to build a mk. IV MJOLNIR Armor, like those from Halo Wars. Because I'm not new to 3D-printing, I thought I'll print it, but I can't find proper, printable files. After I searched for Halo Wars, I only found a post with...
  3. Skullboy134

    Halo Wars Mark IV Armor

    Hello! It’s been quite a long time since I’ve built a halo armor set; I think the last one was back in high school or something. If I remember correctly it was a cardboard ODST build. Anyway, I’m about to wrap up my first year in college, specifically doing traditional and Digital art for...
  4. Sierra 107

    MKIV MJOLNIR - Custom

    Hey all! Been a while since I last posted anything costuming related. I was happy with where I had left off with my Poncho Chief costume, however I have decided to move onto something that I am more enthusiastic about. I am currently working on a project, the details of which I can't exactly...